Apple has a keynote release scheduled for March, and here are the new products that could be revealed

A keyword looms for Apple and that only means one thing, the apple brand will once again make you want to donate all your money, but also your college or first son (okay, well, no problem) just get your hands on one of its new gadgets. In Apple’s previous keynote, Tim Cook unveiled the long-awaited iPhone 12 and its mini version, as well as an improved Apple Watch and new computers with more powerful and cheaper chips to produce, marking a new era for the decades-old Steve Jobs that finally gave us the first smart phone. There are rumors that a new event is in the pipeline for March (if that’s the case, you can watch it on YouTube) that will unveil new iPads but also long-awaited AirTags, which has caused a lot of talk about it. Which has been little confirmed. to me Korea Economic Daily News, Apple is preparing for a new event on March 16, while LeaksApplePro, Apple rumors and press data experts Jon Prosser predict, AirTags will be the big announcement of the season.

Will the new iPads arrive?

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What can we expect from the potential new iPads?

All rumors say that we will see a pro version and a smaller version with improved designs, including a smaller frame and a more immersive screen. The 12.9-inch Pro version could be available, with better speakers and brighter, more realistic colors, and it is rumored that it could offer the option to connect to a 5G network. No details have been officially confirmed yet and not much has been said about the iPad Mini or the features it may contain, but everything indicates that both versions should contain the new chip Apple and that it will provide basic improvements over the previous model.

What can we expect from AirTags?

It is one of the most talked about and rumored tools, and Daily economic news Sure, we will finally be able to see them at this launch, because Apple has not provided anything yet and it seems that the leaks indicate that the operating system is already preparing for their arrival. AirTags will help you find all lost items. They are said to look like little tags that you place on your phone, computer, or other tool and when you select the option “Find my …” AirTags will start appearing so you can locate what you have lost and what you might have an augmented reality feature that will allow you to see a location You lost it on a map on your phone. The existence of AirTags was accidentally confirmed after Apple posted a video on the best way to erase your iPhone. Digital Trends I mentioned that at 1:43 minute, the video shows that users should turn off the “Find my iPhone” option. Problem, on the settings page, we see a new option that says “Activate Offline Search” with text below referring to AirTags.

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