Apple Keynote: the new iPad, iMac, AirPods 3 … expected announcements

By Laurent P. Photos by My B. Posted on April 19, 2021 at 9:22 pm Updated April 19, 2021 at 9:22 pm

Notice for high-tech enthusiasts and other apple brand holders! Apple is scheduled to hold a keynote speech on Tuesday 20 April 2021, with several announcements about the company’s upcoming news. New iPad, iMac, AirPods 3 … We evaluate the expected announcements!

The Key words Dr’an Apple Always an event that fans of the apple brand and inquisitive high-tech enthusiasts await … and this new meeting on April 20, 2021 should not derail the norm with the many anticipated announcements about the company’s products. Tim Cook.

So what can we expect from the ads? To a brand new iMac, First of all, which can incorporate the latest home chip, the M1. A promise made by the Apple brand it started installing it on MacBook Pro 13 inches, her MacBook Air And the MacBook Mini. Mace L.iMac ? An announcement could therefore be made this Tuesday, unless this new computer is presented during a future presentation of Tim CookFor the second half of 2021. The verdict is this Tuesday.

Another expected announcement, new potential IPad mini. And with good reason: It’s been three years since this group of products received a little facelift, unlike the rest of the brand’s devices. TheIPad miniGreat, forgotten Apple Vocabulary ? Maybe more this Tuesday. Also note a possible display of the new AirPods, the AirPods 3, which many fans have been expecting. And likeIPad mini, The AirPods Little forgotten Key words Since 2019 (since the launch of AirPods Pro and then AirPods Max).

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If not, give a presentation to AirTagsThis nosy and caller creature is able to find your keys, or even find a new one iPad Pro, It is almost guaranteed to advertise. See you at 7 PM for the last word on this story.

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