Syvadec 3 mobile recycling plant serves new regions

Since November 2020, Syvadec has launched a new local service for individuals in the Grand Bastia area: Mobile recycling center. Until now, residents of the municipalities of Biguglia, Borgo, Furiani and Santa-Maria di Lota could only deposit their bulky items (furniture, appliances, plants, cardboard, anything else …) for free, but from now on. April, Mobile recycling It will serve the new municipalities. This service is actually very much frequented. “That is the reason, – Syvadec explains – At the request of other regions, the service was extended to the combined municipalities of Cap Corse, Castagniccia-Casinca, Pasquale Paoli and to 4 new communities: Luri, Barchetta, Venzolasca and Francardo, always at a rate of two blocks per month (excluding public holidays).

Advantages of mobile recycling
A mobile recycling center provides proximity and flexibility. It is freely accessible and works in the same way as a traditional recycling center. People can dispose of bulky waste, trash, and chemical waste like paint cans. The device consists of 6 cutters in total (5 cutters with a length of 6 m3 And 1 bucket 30 m3), Which absorb different types of waste. It has an access ramp that allows vehicles to park in front of each. Then the sorted waste is sent to various recycling channels.

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