Apple macOS 15 Sequoia – Mirroring, this feature that allows a Mac to control its iPhone

The Apple conference is an opportunity for Apple to introduce macOS 15 Sequoia, which will be the new version of the computer operating system Made in Cupertino. One of the main features of this new version is the mirroring function that will provide complete interaction between iPhone and Mac.

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To facilitate the connection between the smartphone and the Apple computer, Apple has published this function that will simply allow the screen of the first to be transferred to the screen of the second to control it. By synchronizing the two devices, the user will be able to control his smartphone without having to unlock it. An important element, because it involves protecting the user's privacy by not allowing prying eyes to look at the smartphone screen while it is controlled by a computer running macOS Sequoia.

The trackpad and mouse will apparently be compatible with the iPhone's screen in mirroring mode, allowing you to navigate your iPhone's interface as you would any interface on a Mac. This option is part of a current trend, since many Android smartphone manufacturers offer similar options to connect their peripherals to Windows PCs. We find options of the same type, such as the ability to transfer items from one device to another (images, for example) through a simple process Drag and drop.

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