Apple turns Carplay into a car computer

Apple introduces the new version of Carplay. version is no longer content only to migrate some applications to a large screen. The system becomes the car’s computer and controls all electronic components. The first equipped cars will be announced in 2023.

To connect your smartphone to your car, there are two systems: Android Auto at Google and Carplay at Apple. So far, both systems offer the same service: Help you stay focused on the road without losing your connection completely. You can enjoy your music. You can call and receive messages (and even reply to them using voice commands). Other apps take advantage of this connection, such as Apple Plans or Google Maps.

Apple wwdc 2022 carplay

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But these systems complement the in-car computer. They do not manage the systems intended for the vehicle: sensors, gauges, detectors, etc. Nor do they manage on-board systems, such as lights, wipers, air conditioning, or electric windows. We see this clearly with Tesla cars: The on-board computer manages everything. What if Carplay just became an operating system in its own right?

Carplay has become a real on-board computer

Today, at the opening keynote at WWDC, Apple introduced the next version of Carplay. A version that not only aims to manage your notifications, calls and music, but wants to be the nerve center of the car, as was leaked at the end of 2021. Apple has already revealed a version of Carplay capable of managing all the car’s electronic components, offering deep integration between driver assistance units, navigation services, multimedia applications and in-vehicle technologies. Tools will complete the suite to provide you with flight weather, calendar or home automation information.

Apple wwdc 2022 carplay

That’s why the new generation Carplay is not just a simple “middleman” to connect your smartphone to your car. It is a truly complete system that offers the driver the ability to display the right information in the right places, thanks to a combination of multiple displays. You can see a good example at the top of this article: Navigation information is displayed in front of the driverbetween the speedometer and the automatic gearbox position indicator (with speedometer).

Apple wwdc 2022 carplay

Of course, this will require strong integration with car brands. But Apple already has partners, including Renault in France, but also Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Nissan, Ford or Jaguar. The first compatible vehicles will be announced on early next year.

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