Sonic Frontiers: Disgruntled Fans Request Game Release Delay

The Twitter community has come together again to ask Sega to delay a release vocal boundaries And back to the drawing board.

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Not satisfied with .’s videos Play From the franchise’s next game, which premieres exclusively on IGN, many Blue Hedgehog fans have been unhappy with the game’s direction. And just as they demanded a redesign of Sonic for the 2020 movie, they’re now begging Sega and Sonic Team to rethink the game.

For context, the first video released by IGN featured open-world exploration, as Sonic sprints across a green island, climbing monoliths and solving puzzles.

The second video, on the other hand, is more focused on combat, with Sonic jumping at him and striking enemies in choppy shots of the shot.

So fans are concerned about the quality of what has been shown so far. Some comments point to harsh animation, a lack of “momentum”, and a world whose aesthetics are far from the character’s, with the exception of cliffs, hills and loops.

Some netizens are even obsessed with what is offered to them, and have created the hashtag #DelaySonicFrontiers.

It can be said unequivocally that many players are not happy with what has been presented to them Sonic Frontiers Scheduled to be released later this year.

Throughout June, Sega and Sonic Team will be revealing more content about the game, exclusively on IGN. However, it would be ideal to believe, overnight, that this will change the opinion of fans.

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