Apple’s augmented reality headset could be launched in late 2022

Several years ago, rumors circulated about the augmented reality headset launched by Apple. Things seem to be clear. According to an analyst who is always well acquainted with the Apple brand, Ming-Chi Kuo, the company should launch its new device at the end of 2022.

The headset should work on its own without a Mac or iPhone

According to the expert, it will also be equipped with a pair of high-end processors. The flagship device will be the equivalent of the M1 chip that was introduced last year on Macs. The second will be responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the sensors of the new product.

Other information revealed by specialist: The headset can work independently and there is no need to connect it to your Mac or iPhone. Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple sees even in the very long term and therefore the headset will be awarded ” A complete set of applications What will replace the iPhone in ten years?

The expert also confirms a noise we have heard a lot in recent months. Thus, this new product will not only be satisfied with augmented reality, but will also be able to support virtual reality by relying on a pair of Micro OLED 4K displays from Sony.

Quoting MacRumors, Ming-Chi Kuo identifies:

Apple’s virtual reality headset requires a separate processor, as the computing power of the sensor is much higher than that of the iPhone. For example, an augmented reality headset requires at least 6-8 visual units to provide continuous video augmented reality services to users simultaneously. In comparison, the iPhone requires up to 3 optical units running simultaneously and does not require a persistent account.

As always, Apple has not confirmed its plans in this area, nor has it formalized this project. We still have to be patient before we find out more about this.

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