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TKS is currently building a mobile phone mast in Thanstein. The mayor does not understand some of the warnings.

From Ralph Golke

26. November 2021
3:53 pm

With the new transmission mast, the reception performance of mobile phones should be greatly improved. Photo: Ludwig Dirscherl

Thanstein.The second part of construction work has begun for the new cell phone site in Thanstein. A steel mesh mast with a height of about 30 meters will complement the future Telekom cellular network. The goal is to improve the offer in Thahnstein and the surrounding area, and to inform Deutsche Funkturm upon request.

This will give Tanstein a modern and futuristic cell phone location. First of all, Telekom customers will benefit from this, but we also offer our site to all other mobile service providers so that additional towers are not erected,” says Bruno Jakobferborn, Managing Director of Deutsche Funkturm. As a rule, the site is operational after six to two Ten months from the start of construction and can be used after that Both masts are also suitable for the transmission of 5G services in the future.

More quality of life

Thanstein wants to keep the youth in the village

Whether it’s a youth club, fiber optics or new construction sites: there are many projects that the community will fit into the future with.

In Coles County, the mast behind the former elementary school has already been erected using spun concrete. Both masts were designed in such a way as to allow three antennas to be installed there, Mayor Walter Schauer told. The system will likely be operational in Kulz by the end of the year, and then Thanstein as of summer 2022. A significant improvement in cell phone reception is expected from this.

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Of course, there was also one person or another who warned of potential dangers. “It’s funny if someone told me about it via text message and pictures from their cell phone,” Schwer said. On the one hand, everyone expects a mobile phone to work perfectly everywhere, but on the other hand, radiation is very dangerous.

Sewerage network

In search of lost channels

The municipality of Thanstein would like to close the sewage treatment plant in Coles. Pipelines must be rehabilitated in advance. That’s a lot of effort.

Schauer again referred to the strict guidelines and specific values ​​that the operator must adhere to. In addition, the greater the distance between the antennas, the greater the transmission power needed to improve reception. “There is nothing worse than someone trying to make an emergency call and then not receiving it,” the mayor said. He hopes the systems run will cover the last “white spots,” this time free to the community.

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