Applications that ‘steal’ personal data: They are bad

Apps are a part of our daily lives, but we never know what and how much data we will provide.

Mass data recorded by apps (via Getty Images)

They are easy to download and greatly simplify your work. Applications for various devices have now become a part of our daily lives. If downloading is a breeze, the most complicated is the matter of personal data.

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In fact, app owners put us in a crossroads: accept or not use the features they have created. Sometimes, in the folds of conditions, the greatest dangers lurk. Because of this SurfShark Conducted a survey of 200 of them and compared the different conditions of each.

For applications such as those that require additional data

Well known social networking has bad results (via screenshot)

This study reveals how social networks demand more information from users. Facebook Placed on the top step of the stage, following a short distance Clubhouse. They don’t do better Amazon e Gmail, Browsers require less information Chrome e Bold. In the field of instant messaging Ambassador Too bad, following that Share. Competitors were less sharp Zoom in, Teams e Difference of opinion.

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The best Signal e Telegraph. In addition to these applications, home distribution applications are also very aggressive: in fact, they are also very expensive in asking for information and collecting data. Below the rankings are web browsing software and image editors. It is important to read the terms carefully to protect yourself and to pay attention to the permissions granted for applications. In this case it is necessary to restrain itself from those necessary for its functioning. Otherwise it is desirable to uninstall them and use similar applications safely. Finally, disabling authentication does not always prevent the functionality of the application: here, too, tap the item in the settings, thus providing the minimum required for managers and owners of this software.

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