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Where are IO agents’ computers to interact with in Fortnite? We present to you their sites!

almost always in It is an electronic gameWeekly challenges are available to all players, allowing to get XP. This XP allows you to advance in the battle pass, and increase your account level! But for this, it is necessary to succeed in the challenges presented, which can sometimes be complex. This is the case with some Fortnite Season 7 Week 8 Challenges !

explain how Interact with the IO proxy computer In Fortnite, to complete one of the challenges of the week.

How to interact with IO agent computer in Fortnite?

Completing this challenge won’t be too complicated! You just need find io proxy computer, And to interact withThanks to the usual interaction key you use to pick up weapons for example.

To find these computers io proxy, which can be found in different parts of the game, you can help yourself with it map below, showing the locations of these computers:

IO Agent Computers in Fortnite

Once you get there, you will find these computers inside the buildings. You can find the exact location of these computers in the screenshots below:

Fortnite-ordinateur-agent-io-corny complex مجمعCorny Complex’s IO agent computer

Happy New YearMisty Meadows South IO . agent computer

Remember that only one is enough to complete the task!


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