Art Rock doesn’t just pay! – Saint-Brieuc on Art Rock Rhythms 2022

  • 1 see exhibitions

  • There is no street art this year at Art Rock, but the fairs are still free. One of them, baptized animals, represents strange black animals, whose shapes resemble those of cotton candy, which are introduced into various environments. Visible in different places in the city for several weeks, just download the wildlife app to enjoy it in augmented reality.

    The Saint-Brieuc Museum also hosts an exhibition entitled Mirages & Miracles, in which Adrien M and Claire B immerse the visitor in their poetic and magical world, once again thanks to augmented reality, virtual reality, holographic illusion and video projection.

    The Fauna Gallery is on display in the city and on the sidewalks of Légué until June 19. (The Telegram / Gwénaëlle Le Ny)

  • 2 Listen to music

  • It takes place in the festival village, Resistance Square. Five artists from the Paris metro, selected in partnership with RATP, perform every day, from 12 noon until past midnight. There is the duo Blue Gray and the group Foksafunk, Joylie, Madlen Keys quintet and Olila tandem. Additionally, on Saturday, the duo L’Amoureuse (4:30 p.m.) and Guingampais The Chapas (8 p.m.) will perform; On Sundays, brass Mata Hari Afrobit (2pm) and Walter Astral’s acid pop (8:30pm).

    Music is also ubiquitous on the streets, near bars that take part in going out. Just allow yourself to get off the notes.

    PHOTO FRANCOIS DESTOC / LE TELEGRAM LANDERNEAU (29): Concert at the Noise Festival by The Chapas
    Chapas will be on Saturday under the marquee of the village. (Francois Destock / Telegram)

  • 3 exhibitions and signatures

  • For those who do not have a ticket in their pockets, it will be possible, this Saturday, in spite of everything, to come closer and listen to the artists and see them – in real life – on the poster of this edition. After rapper Sobiko, René Guadal Tiaz and Juliette Armani will go to Fenac on Friday for autographing and presentation sessions. Appointment with the first at 11:30 am, then with the singer at 6 pm. Please note that the first to arrive will have priority!

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    Juliette Armanet's album Brûler le feu was nominated three times for Victoires de la Musique on February 11 (behind Clara Luciani and OrelSan, four nominations each).
    The album Brûler le feu by singer Juliette Armani was nominated three times for Victoires de la Musique on February 11. (Photo studio L’Etiquette)

  • 4 Participation in the recording of the largest human caterpillar

  • Absolutely new and definitely essential to this 2022 rock art, even if it’s overseas, it’s an attempt to set the world record for a human larva. All you have to do is show up at 3:15pm on Sunday, Place Haute du Chai, in front of Fut Chantant, put your feet up like a duck and clasp your hands on your neighbor’s waist!

    Arnault has been set "Nadine"i.e. leader, the world record attempt for a human larva that will take place during the 2022 Art Rock Festival, in Saint-Brieuc.
    Arnaud has been appointed as “Nadine”, i.e. the lead for the world record attempt of a human caterpillar which will take place during the Art Rock Festival in Saint Brieuc. (Telegram / Roman Fillion)

  • March 5 Hypnotic Yoga!

  • For a pleasant wake up after such long evenings and recharging the batteries, why not start your day with a yoga session? Two group lessons are scheduled, Saturday and Sunday at 11:30 am, in the Parc des Promenades (in case it rains, back to 7 bis rue Baratoux). Professor Pascal Albrio announces a hypnosis session focusing on relaxation and energy…

    Bring loose clothing and, if possible, a floor rug or beach towel.

    Illustrative image.
    Illustrative image. (Telegram/Hermine Le Cleach)

  • 6 model on bicycle in disco mode

  • Another way to instantly wake up and get into the festive atmosphere is to take part in the bike parade on Sunday at 11:30am. in the program ? Bicycles, DJ kit and glitter, for a tour of the city and surrounding area. Duguesclin is scheduled.

    Illustrative image (Technique Rin bike).
    Illustrative image (Technique Rin bike). (Jean Adrien Morando)

  • 7 Take a break in the county park

  • For a short country break or a nap, the county park, a stone’s throw from the festival, rue du Parc, awaits you on Saturdays and Sundays, from 1:30pm to 5:30pm. It was presented as part of the Rendez-vous au jardin, organized by the Ministry of Culture. To the great dismay, no doubt, of the Briochin families who are fighting for the permanent opening of the buildings. Things are not going well for them…

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    Cotes d'Armor Provincial Park, in downtown Saint-Brieuc, is only open to the public on an ad hoc basis.
    Cotes d’Armor Provincial Park, in downtown Saint-Brieuc, is only open to the public on an ad hoc basis. (The Telegram / Benoit Trehorel)

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