Trackmania Cup: ZeratoR, Montpellier streamer, on Percy’s roof

On Saturday, 4 June, Zerator, Montpellier, will host the Trackmania Cup for the tenth time in the auditorium of the Accor Hotel Arena in Bercy, Paris.

In recent years, streaming has become more democratized with video on demand for movies and series, but before that there was streaming video games. Enthusiasts who film their video game and share it on online live video platforms. In France, one of the pioneers of this practice is called ZeratoR.

Xerator on stage at Zénith de Strasbourg at the 2019 Trackmania Cup
Timo Verdel

More than 10 years of working on the Internet

The young man, originally from Montpellier, started his online adventure in 2010. As watching a competitive video match is a bit like watching a football match, Starts commenting live on Starcraft 2 competitionsA real-time strategy game in which two players compete. Comments, explains and publishes what is happening on the screen. Thierry Rowland video games. A recent graduate of his studies, he was recruited by ‘Web TV’, Millennium, which creates live video content on the internet, in 2012 in order to continue this passion. Earn money for the first time online.

After nearly a year with the company, the young videographer decided to become self-employed and set up his own business. Finally the project ends in the fall 2013and in November he joined a new French web-based television channel based in England, Eclyspsia. Surrounded by big names on the live stream, his adventure on British soil will take a turn in his already well off career. This is where The youngster will launch his first Trackmania Cup.

Streamer ZeratoR launches the Trackmania Cup in Bercy

Saturday 4th June, the legendary room at the AccorHotel Arena in Paris, formerly known as Bercy, will tremble due to a show unprecedented in its history. Car game quiz.

The Trackmania Cup is a competition played on the Trackmania video game developed by French studio Nadeo. The goal of the game? access first. But if the principle seems simple, the implementation is completely different. It would be like wanting to drive a Formula 1 car, it takes a lot of practice and focus.

The 10th Trackmania Cup will be held in Bercy after two years of postponement

The 10th Trackmania Cup will be held in Bercy after two years of postponement
Trackmania Cup on Twitter

After two years of delay, this year’s gaming event will finally take place.
This is the tenth edition In this video game competitionorganized by the Montpellier streamer.

The contest was created by streamer Adrien “ZeratoR” Nougaret. Originally from Montpellier, the 32-year-old content creator created this competition in 2013. The youngster is already enjoying a bad reputation, and is launching this tournament for the first time exclusively online. But the success is there and the enthusiasm continues to grow.

in 2016He decided to convey the final stages of the Trackmania Cup to the public. event is taking place in the Great Hall of the Grand Rex in Paris and it was sold out completely.

After that, the rooms grow every year, Lyon in 2017, Toulouse in 2018 and finally Zenith Strasbourg in 2019. At the end of the event, Montpellier has already announced its venue 2020 edition. It will be in Percy.

More than a dozen years into his career after making his internet debut, the 30-year-old has achieved a feat that no one else has managed until then. An unprecedented event for which the President of the Republic invited him to the Elysee Palace on Friday afternoon. Consecration and recognition are inevitable.

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