Asus Rock Strikes Scope RX, Review

Review of Asus ROG Strikes Scope RX in version with proprietary ROG RX red switches.

For that Review of Asus ROG Strix Scope RX We fully tested the version of the new Asus gaming keyboard equipped with proprietary ROG RX Red opto-mechanical switches designed to ensure maximum responsiveness. Solutions to increase the stability of the keys, RGB lights in sizes, a certain focus on comfort and overall low weight.

Anatomy of the Asus ROG Strikes Scope RX

The Asus Rock Strikes Scope RX is a full-size gaming keyboard with a numeric keyboard, multiple function keys and a fully functional USB 2.0 port. Nevertheless, this one Take a look Partly due to the clean lines, partly due to the minimal dimensions of the upper and lower edges. It weighs 1070 grams and is at least related to the type, thanks to the alloy used for the upper part of the frame, the alloy on which the keys are placed, so go relax your hands and enjoy the feedback to feel particularly tactile. The Subject It has a warmer and less smooth surface than aluminum, seems to float halfway between plastic and metal, but is more rigid and capable of forming a pleasant opaque halo when combined with the light of the keys. It is therefore not limited to guaranteeing benefits in terms of weight, but characterizes the origin and usability of the scope RX.

However, the weight is sufficient to fully guarantee Stability The keyboard, thanks to the rubber pads placed on the abdomen, is only three but wider and denser. The entire belly, among other things, is crossed by oblique lines and displays a large glossy ROG logo, which enriches a clean and elegant keyboard with more detail, but not without imaginative details.

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Asus Rock Strikes Purpose Rx 4

The two rear-open risers are notable, with two thick supports that enjoy a thick rubber finish, well-made and transmitting solid like the rest of the ROG Strikes Scope RX, with the keys added immediately. In fact, just a few key presses are enough to appreciate its stability, which guarantees a pleasant tactile feel and helps to reduce the noise of mechanical keyboards, short and elevated keys that help clean up already messy objects and most gaming keyboards.

Contributing to the clean look of the Asus keyboard is the lack of a sturdy dual USB cable and dedicated media controls that disappear under the top edge, but the F5 to F12 keys are set to functional keys, exit. Place to play, park, blocks and so on Stealth button It closes all windows and allows you to turn off the PC for a second. So it can be very effective in terms of privacy whether it is legal or illegal.

RGB full blast

Asus Rock Strikes Purpose Rx 10

Alt Explicit sites The switches, each with the ROG logo engraved on all four sides, promise to protect a keyboard that boasts IP56 certification from accidentally spilled liquids, which is sufficient to protect the interior from coarse dust and debris. They improve RGB backlight It is activated independently for each key as expected for high-end gaming devices. But in the case of the Asus keyboard, it gives a remarkable light display, from the uppercase letters embedded in the keys, the side letters of the function keys, and even the ROG logo placed on the top right.

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The default mode is limited to generating color waves, although striking, but there are still five function keys Animation mode Presets that include striking mode with green light lines indicating the Matrix movie code. There are some special lighting modes, in which for a few seconds we see an instruction that only the pressed keys illuminate, an elegant but functional one for those who work with a keyboard that dyes everything white. Cancel, end and p Light up the red, green, and blue colors, respectively, when the FN button is pressed.

Asus Rock Strikes Purpose Rx 12

Armory Great software allows you to set up Aura Sync, Synchronizes with other devices and includes support for music aura effect, which creates keyboard lights. Occasionally Asus software creates problems with RGB sync, but ROG Strikes aims to provide entertainment even without the need for intervention. It works well when locking and mapping all the keys between the macros that can be stored in the keyboard memory, multimedia controls, shortcuts and function keys, apparently reminiscent of RGB formats and programs.

Parrot Switch ROG RX Red

As expected, the keys on the Asus keyboard are working Switch to linear ROG RX red With a guaranteed keystroke of 100 million, from a 1000 Hz voting rate, they do not provide sound feedback and are intended to provide maximum response, beyond the impact of the key of the switch frame. But the 40g of power required to move the button is slightly higher than the minimum available with this type and this is a parameter, along with a 1.5mm travel before the sensor is reached Infrared activation, Reducing accidental keystrokes and the response of the best Asus switches seems to offer good compromise.

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Asus Rock Strikes Purpose Rx 3

The above, among other things, benefit from the superior Key consistency, Thanks to an interlock mechanism that switches from the classic cross pin switch with four feet to fit the corners of the frame. This solution does not prevent the Enter key from pushing slightly, which is very common on mechanical keyboards, but it works better with all other keys, including classic metal support, express accuracy, smoothness and solidity, even between the points strength of a sleek, sturdy and comfortable keyboard. Enough to turn it into a very interesting product in any case of those who regularly use the PC from the point of view of the creator or even outside the gaming sphere.


Without the sleek and clean but luxurious details, the Asus Rock Strikes Scope RX is a solid gaming keyboard, full of lights, performance and very pleasant to use. Of course it’s not cheap, but not much with the 9 149.99, it’s cheaper than other alternatives in a segment where the Asus keyboard sits comfortably, showing its undeniable qualities.


  • Well built and very convenient to use
  • Responsive switches and fixed keys
  • Elegant and clean but not without details


  • No exclusive media restrictions or significant add-ons
  • The wrist rest is not included in the package

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