The Modern Warfare map is set to hit Call of Duty Mobile

When players start getting enough of the snow-covered version of Nuketown, the developers of Call of Duty: Mobile announced a return to the classic version of the map soon.

To the delight of fans, the mobile version of Call of Duty has brought together some of the best weapons, maps, and features in the franchise’s history in one place.

But this does not mean that the game is only intended for fans of nostalgia, rather, on the contrary. Over the course of the seasons, the developers have introduced unique features, new maps, and much more, so players can get the most from a lackluster version of previous Call of Duty iterations.


Since December, players have been entitled to a Snowy Nuketown replica

Despite everything, some elements from previous titles remain at the center of players’ interests, such as their favorite cards. This includes the classic version of Nuketown, which weary winter players look forward to.

When is the classic Noctown back?

To celebrate the holiday season in style, a winter edition of Nuketown was added to CoD Mobile, but it still exists today to the dismay of many players.

During the February 12th community update, where they reviewed multiple upcoming changes such as the possibility of Prestige mode, developers were also asked about the possibility of an upcoming return to the classic version of Nuketown.


The developers were quick to respond to the players’ concerns

“Yes, we are likely to see this card come back in the future, especially as we move further and further away from the winter seasons,” they said. “We have had the classic version of Nuketown for over a year, so we don’t mind giving Nuketown Russia time to thrive.”

Since the Nuketown winter edition is released around mid-December, it will likely remain in rotation for a few more weeks.

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Developers can introduce new themes in upcoming seasons of CoD Mobile where snow will no longer be a place, and it would make sense at this point to return to the classic version of Nuketown. It remains to be seen when the time is right.

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