At a Glance, Pixel is preparing to introduce many new features

Android 12 brought many important innovations compared to the previous generation, including a Large expansion of the functions of a quick glanceHome screen widget that includes a variety of basic information like weather, time, important notifications, etc. Thanks to a regular Teardown app from colleagues at 9to5googleWe found out that the developers of Mountain View are preparing for more news, but its release times are unknown.

Not only: The nature of “a quick glance” is itself in a state of transformation, which also appears to be changing its name to Smartspace, going from being part of the Pixel Launcher to being part of Android System Intelligence, an app formerly known as Device Personalization Services. In fact, by decompiling the new S10 version available for the Pixel 6 from “ASI” practically all the chains related to the “possibilities” of the gadget appeared for the first time. There are the classic events, such as weather, transportation, upcoming events from the calendar etc., and others that are somewhat unpublished:

  • in a store: The tool knows if a user is in a store that supports initiatives such as rewards and cashback through Google Pay.
  • bed time: Reminds you when it’s time to sleep based on the parameters set in the Clock app.
  • Connected devices: Displays the connection status and battery level of Bluetooth accessories and gadgets such as headphones or smart watches.
  • the bell: appears from the intercom rang.
  • Fitness: Displays information about the latest activities from your favorite fitness app.
  • Flashlight: Alerts if the lamp is lit.
  • Security Check: Displays the Personal Security app timer after which you must confirm that all is well
  • Timer and stopwatch: Information about any timers or stopwatches in action from the Clock app.
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As we said, not all of them are unknown: Timer & stopwatch has been available since the release of Android 12 Beta, for example, while in a store it was only shown at the level of teasers and graphics models Material You. Of course none of these models were shown. New features, including a name change and “transfer” in Android System Intelligence have been officially confirmed, so this is information to be taken with extreme caution.

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