Need another $ 1,000 to get Season 1? –

According to a user’s ratings on Reddit, get All items For aesthetic customization of Season 1 of Multiplayer The halo is infinite They will be required Over a thousand dollars.

The assessment is based on one The latest datamine It would have revealed all 88 bundles coming in the inner store during the first season. This includes weapons, armor and vehicle skins, as well as a significant number of elements such as medals, poses and symbols.

Based on the leaked goods and the prices of those already available from the first week of the introduction of the Hollow Infinite multiplayer beta, they will be required by the calculations of Retirement Samurai 1226. $ 1,035 Buy everything in Season 1, so take into account all the elements that can not be opened for free by playing.

Hollow Infinite, one of the skins of Season 1

This is still an estimate based on a datamine, so it may become more inaccurate. We are also talking about items that do not offer any real benefit in the game. In free-to-play games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, it is not uncommon to see dual-digit customization items on sale. To give an example, Pokémon Unite comes with a Ninetales skin for around 40 euros.

Staying on the Hollow Infinite theme, 343 Industries developers have balanced the campaign in terms of the simple difficulty of climbing up or down from a heroic one in the past.

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