Attempted: Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Involuntary Flight

Galaxy SmartTag can be found with the help of other users.

sWhen the Galaxy SmartTag was published by Samsung, it was clear to me: I want to test it. After all, I belong to the category of people who like to leave things somewhere, so far only happily with friends. But in times of a pandemic, where 90% of life is taking place in your four walls, the practical test of the search function is more complicated. However, sometimes, chance comes to the rescue and suddenly a new story appears from her.

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At first there was an accident

One of the few opportunities that arose for the test was the test that was supposed to be done in person. In order to avoid unnecessary connections, our car was the preferred mode of transportation and I saw my chance: during testing, the SmartTag stayed in the car on the side of the road and users of the SmartThings app would definitely come there. And just as that was said, SmartTag took the car to the other end of Hamburg. But something unexpected happened on the way there: the car had an accident. Not so bad, because it was just sheet metal damage, but that meant the car was taken directly to the workshop instead of home. When parked, the SmartTag was forgotten and so was left in the car. This, in turn, provided an ideal opportunity for a long-term test.

How many users are there really?

So now is the time to wait for a repaired and brand new car for life from SmartTag. How often will other smartphones with a search function be around? I got an answer to the question the next morning: When I opened the app, I could see that SmartTag was on the workshop site. The next day, other smartphones in the vicinity identified the tracker multiple times. It really got fun when I found out on the third day that the SmartTag had even moved and the car was taken to a paint store. People using Samsung smartphones seem to pass by there as well, due to the presence of many notifications again.

Long-term test result

After more than a week of long-term (involuntary) testing, one thing can be determined: In large cities like Hamburg, there are enough Samsung smartphones on which the Smart Things Find function is activated. SmartTags tracking with the help of other devices works very well. Regular updates also ensure that location changes can be tracked. I was very surprised how well the system worked shortly after it went on sale. After all, not everyone voluntarily allows their location to be tracked for all data protection apps etc. Anyway, now I can imagine continuing to use SmartTag to keep important things from disappearing. And if you can’t find it, I can be sure: Any Samsung smartphone will find my SmartTag.

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