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We will try to reconstruct how to get to a placeRevamped version Such a blatant failure To deny, Describes a series of lucky gaps that led to the creation NieR: Automata.

Yoko Taro He’s not kidding when he says his games don’t sell anything. The first two trackcards were appreciated by the youngest players. Made for the simple adjustment of Takamasa Shiba who wanted to go further to satisfy the fans of the third series. Square Enix did not fully believe it, and especially in the West, especially because Trackengard’s son did not have enough budget to compete with other products of the time, Nair sold little.

After NieR, with the exception of one person, Saga was considered dead within the company: producer Yusuke Side used a particularly fortunate moment to place the new game with a jealous diligence. That’s what journalist Nikola Dursev says in the book: “Strange Works of Taro Yoko: From Dragoncard to Water: Automata“, In which the story of Automata being transformed from an impossible cymara into a real game is reconstructed in detail.

Despite NieR’s commercial failure, Side wanted to do something in the same universe, which he said has a lot more to say. Too bad Square Enix Do not want to invest in it. After all, Nair was a cult object and a small but very active community around the game, which began to develop the fan art of Cain and Emil, who discussed all the details of the game’s plot, even the most minute, appreciating Yoko Toro’s work. We are talking about a few thousand soldiers, though the one who kept the memory of the water alive made him never disappear from the scene (especially in Japan).

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Meanwhile the stars were aligned. The entire management of Square Enix, with the exception of one executive, opposed the continuity of the water, Yusuke Matsuda, Who set the imaginary conditions for a new chapter and wrote to Saito, i.e., talks about what the new game should look like to win where the new game failed. Matsuda was then in charge of finance and administration. His conversations with Side did not mean that the game got the green light, but in the meantime something happened that completely changed the cards on the table. In April 2013, Matsuda Square was appointed CEO of Enix, replacing Yichi Wada, who had caused a loss of more than $ 130 million in the previous fiscal year.

Suddenly he found himself by the CEO of Sight Square Enix (who had a great professional and personal relationship with him) and, in his plan to restructure the company, gave more power to the makers to execute individual projects. Matsuda wanted more active management in various products, which no longer had to go with the approval of the board of directors, but had to be approved by various divisions. Saita jumped on the occasion. A member of Dragon Quest’s Business Division 6, Matsuda confirmed our reputation and agreed to fund the new NieR.

During the brainwashing phase for the new game (Suppose we had a Nair: Formville) it was acknowledged as one of the weaknesses of the water War system. There was one big problem: the original development group, Cavia, was now closed. Who will take care of the new chapter? Here came another stroke of luck, which solved both problems in one.

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At the time, Square Enix was negotiating with Platinum Games to do something together. The developer and publisher still don’t know what, really. Takahisa Torah, one of the Platinum Games developers responsible for presenting a project to the publisher, is a huge fan of water and is lucky that the game he was planning is a fictional sequel to his favorite topic. It should be emphasized that in our time nothing is known about Saita’s plans. The latter, when he found out about Tura’s pitch, was accidentally attacked and decided to merge the plans, so Platinum Games officially decided to launch on PC and PS4 and became the developer who would become Neir: Automata. In this way Square Enix was convinced that considering the background of the Osaka studio, there would be no problem with the war system.

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