“Space Brothers”, “For All Mankind” and “Kerbal Space Program” … advice for living six months with your head in the stars (Hi Thomas Pesquet)

“Space Brothers”, one of the best manga at the moment and the story of two brothers who were passionate about space since childhood like Thomas Pesquet – © Chuya Koyama / Kodansha Ltd.

  • Thomas Pisquet on the International Space Station conducts his scientific experiments. And we? Here are some cultural tips for living the next six months with your head in the stars
  • Addicting to manga Space brothers For uchronic series For all of humanity By passing the space flight simulator for the Kerbal Space program, there is something for all your enthusiasts
  • Share a little bit of the French astronaut’s everyday life with virtual reality experiences, music from space or reading DuneThe novel he covered there

It’s okay, it’s gone. On Friday, Thomas Pesquet, along with three other astronauts from the Crew-2 mission, took off aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon 2 capsule, before heading to the International Space Station. An event experienced by millions of spectators around the world, the stars in their eyes. And now? Well, months of scientific experiment, definitely less exciting. But Thomas, you can’t just leave us like this … 20 minutes It introduces you to several cultural recommendations (manga, TV series, video game, etc.) for the next six months, Alpha Mission time.

Le manga, “Space Brothers”

it is necessary Thematic Moon From Hergie to the appropriate name In Thomas Pesquet’s jumpsuit From Marion Montaigne, through science fiction stories and space operas, I have always loved space comics. Manga too. By the way, one of the best chains of the moment Space brothers In versions of Pika, the story of Hibito and Mutta, two brothers who have been passionate about space since they saw a little flying body. If the first, the youngest, becomes one of the youngest astronauts in history, the second is an unemployed loser.

But it was never too late to realize his dream, and Motta decided to take an exam for JAXA, the Japanese NASA agency, to follow in Hibito’s footsteps and become the older brother the model he always wanted. With around thirty volumes already and still in the pipeline, Space brothers Realistically, detailed, humorous and above all with great heart describes the fate of Japanese Thomas Pesquet. Manga has strong addictive potential, so try to enjoy every part rather than gobble it up, but be aware, at worst, that there is an anime and live movie adaptation.

La série “for all mankind”

InterstellarAnd the gravityAnd the Ad AstraAnd the Alone on Mars… if one quotes a lot from movies and the special effects revolution to talk about the fascination of imagination with the conquest of space, then what do we say next about the series using the first On Hulu, Heroes’ things On Disney +, far On Netflix and especially For all of humanity On AppleTV +. In This Throne, Ronald De Moore (Battlestar GalacticaImagine it wasn’t the Americans who walked the moon in 1969 but the Russians.

From there, he reveals an exciting and all-out foray into space that went unnoticed in Season 1 but won everyone’s approval in Season Two. “The Best Series You Have Never Watched”, next title Slate siteAmerican television critic Alan Sepinwall describes the final episode of Season Two, which aired last Friday, as “one of the best and most exciting series I have ever seen.” Immediate take off?

The game “Kerbal Space Program”

Not so fast, space boys and girls. Have you at least built your missile, calculated its trajectory in great detail, and prepared all possible failure scenarios …? This is the complete program offered by the video game Kerbal Space Program. Launched in an alpha version in 2011, this simulation places you at the helm of a space center in a fictional world populated by little green men. But science, and even space mechanics to be exact, is very real. The game thus won the loyalty of several million budding astronauts over the years, who could, for example, restart the Apollo program with extension. Made history. Available on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, and more. Kirbal What do you work for hours or days … six months?

Virtual reality experiences

It is the world upside down. Thanks to VR, Thomas Pesquet takes a piece of Earth with him on the International Space Station, and he will be able to ride a bike in Paris or Marseille. Cool, but zip out into space from the sofa, is that even possible? You can imagine that virtual reality has been targeting stars since its inception, and there are no longer countless virtual reality experiences dedicated to space. Even my favorite French astronaut would play the game with In Thomas Pesquet shoes, Two immersive movies of 10 minutes each, the first about his training and the second about his journey, during the Proxima mission. Let’s quote too
PluturneAnd the Space Explorers: The International Space Station ExperienceAnd the The second step And the The first stepAnd the or
Domains, “The Million Dollar Virtual Reality Movie.”

Soundtrack from Space

No, Hans Zimmer didn’t compose music for the universe, it’s just a soundtrackInterstellar Who works in a loop. As explained by astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Luminet in his book The Chronicle of Space In France Inter, “the default space of the universe does not support sound.” On the other hand, it evokes a “song of light”, because the light waves captured by telescopes can be converted into sound waves. This is what NASA has done, which calls them. ”
Frightening solar system sounds “Uh well. Good night?”

To read the tips, there will be a lot of options from classic science fiction Enterprise Isaac Asimov for the scientific circular of The universe is at your fingertips Written by Christoph Galvard, but let’s follow the guide and Thomas Pesquet. The astronaut has already been warned to re-read Dune By Frank Herbert on the International Space Station, a very good idea, especially since the novel has the rights to a new release and many tests in anticipation of the release of the film.

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