Avai. Astronaut Thomas Pisquet will be the fourth European captain of the International Space Station

European Space Agency astronaut, Thomas Piesquet, held a press conference on Tuesday 16 March regarding his second mission to the International Space Station (ISS). Thomas Origin’s departure fromAvai, Scheduled for April 22. Originally, it was scheduled to take place at the end of March. He will be the first European space agency European astronaut to fly aboard the SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule (Elon Musk Company), aboard a Falcon 9 launcher from Florida, United States. He will be joined by NASA astronauts Shin Kimbro, Megan MacArthur and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Akihiko Hoshid.

“I am proud to receive this honor.”

The Cauchois mission is named Alpha, in reference to the Alpha Centauri star system, found in the same star system as Proxima, the name of its first mission. Thomas Pesquet is currently preparing to launch and is training to fly aboard the new Crew Dragon capsule. And the Tivagine who ran out of patience to leave – “I can’t wait to go into space!” -, Amal “Leave on time.”

It should be revealed Become 4H The European Commander of the International Space Station at the end of my mission. “. “I am proud to receive this honor!”

During the ESA’s Alpha mission, Thomas Pesquet will conduct twelve CNES experiments on the International Space Station, half of which will be used to validate the technologies to go to the Moon and Mars. In particular, a fiber-optic dosimeter and a virtual reality headset.

As it was on his first mission, Thomas Pesquet planned to take pictures,But a little less than last time. ” He has ‘More goals’ To take pictures. “It is clear that Normandy.

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And maybe his native Ku Ku …

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