Do virtual reality video games make you nervous? Here's an unexpected solution proposed by researchers

Are you prone to migraines, nausea, or even vomiting that come on without warning? Migraines, for example, in France affect between 1 and 2 percent of the general population, with 20 percent of women and only 10 percent of men, according to World Health Organization estimates.Inserm. Women may be more susceptible to migraines, especially related to premenstrual pain. However, researchers have identified a “new disease” that causes these symptoms. This so-called “cyber-disease” will actually be so Due to overexposure to virtual reality (Virtual Reality). In other words, fans of virtual speakers and other applications of this type may suffer from the symptoms mentioned above. One study suggests that listening to music with headphones can alleviate these symptoms. Decryption.

Music relieves morals (and nausea)

a Recent study led byUniversity of Edinburghin alliance with the Inria CenterUniversity of Rennes In France, it is believed that music can relieve symptoms. Don't we already say that music softens morals? You will also be a A way to combat dizziness and other symptoms Related to the use of virtual reality. For researchers, symptoms of “electronic sickness” appear after a week of immersion in the overseas world. They explain this by the fact that users focus on objects that appear far away, but are actually a few centimeters away. This phenomenon is called the conflict between affinity and accommodation.

Many VR users are said to be prone to nausea and migraines. Non-contractual illustration. Credit: shutterstock

The conflict between residency and residency

This is a rather barbaric term, I will try to explain it to you in a simple way. Imagine that you are looking at something close, such as a book, and then you want to look at something far away, such as a plane passing through the sky. Your eyes then have to adjust two different things: direction (convergence) and focus (accommodation). There is a “conflict” whenWe look at things far away, which are actually close. This conflict between convergence and accommodation causes nausea and migraines, but it also causes blurred vision that must be readjusted to restore clear vision. Obviously, we force the eyes, causing vision problems that may become permanent. It is believed that virtual reality headsets are responsible for this new “disease”, but researchers may have found, not a cure, but a way to alleviate the symptoms.

Music so you don't get lost

Scottish and French researchers came up with the idea of ​​accompanying virtual rollercoaster rides with music to see if it could reduce the effects of nausea caused by virtual reality. They then subjected the participants to listening to calm but upbeat music, in particular an instrumental version of the song Good Times by elegance Or mellow heaven ofbest regard. The 39 participants were men between the ages of 22 and 36 years. After taking “tours” of three different attractions, including an area where no music was played.

One study claims that music reduces the occurrence of nausea and migraines in VR users.
One study claims that music reduces the occurrence of nausea and migraines in VR users. Non-contractual illustration. Credit: shutterstock

The results were immediate: participants felt better Less nausea while riding music, only in those that did not broadcast any! Reason enough for researchers to suggest that music could reduce the effects of VR on users. You are a VR user, would you consider trying music to relieve your migraines? We'd love to read your thoughts or hear about your experience with this. If you notice an error in this article, feel free to let us know. In addition, you can Click here to add a comment .

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