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It was a long weekend and that’s why we played more than usual, I even tried something completely new. Well, it’s not brand new, but it was an interesting return to another platform after a good decade:

Martin: Apple Arcade. I finally opened this snap bag on the long Easter weekend and I have to say … I can’t find what I’m looking for, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t find anything. If we ignore the expected battle with my first iPhone since 4S, I enjoyed my free subscription now very much. Not that I have exhausted my other subscriptions like Game Pass or Netflix, or even noticed what Nintendo has put into the tight package for the past few months. But it does not matter, opening a new bag of surprise, what we would have introduced at the time to such a torrent of almost free games.

Crossy Castle, What the Golf, Mini Motorways, I could occupy myself with each one of them all Easter – especially because such holidays (or any other day) as a caring relative don’t leave much time anyway. At best, there was plenty of time to install Fantasian and Little Orpheus, both of which were passed A-ranked not too long ago. But then she stayed with her Sayonara Wild Hearts Which has been on the list for a long time anyway, and maybe I bought it for Switch or didn’t buy it, who knows such a thing when it comes to shopping for sales these days. Anyway, that’s just the legendary part. The combination of a killer soundtrack, elegant graphics, and powerful gameplay deserves a very special place in everyone’s heart. One of the tests passed at that time. Just think of “brilliant” every time I mention somewhere unique gameplay. Something like that is included in Apple Arcade. It was never easy to discover new games as it is today. Now I’ll take a look at what a German Folder looks like …

Alex gives you more advice on Apple Arcade games.

Melanie: This weekend, “Going Back to the Roots” is on my to-do list again. Quite contemplative and relaxed, I got into the chasm of summoners and discovered a new hero for myself. The good anivia is there League of Legends Actually a middle line … actually. As an irreparable head of support, I of course ran it with my favorite ADC – my compliments to my (duo) partner – on BOTLIN. And I must say that it worked admirably. Nobody bans Anivia, nobody count on Anivia and in low-lying Elo you often get overwhelmed with this half-hearted CC machine. The classic Frostvogel set (an amazing huge ice ball in the face, a wall to block the escape route and a lot of damage to it) works almost as explicitly as the damage series after Lux’s trap. Only the fateful CC flies much slower. Even if Anivia is a slow champ, you can use it with great flexibility as support. In addition to crowd control, the ice wall was also lit by some rescue maneuvers. So I managed to prevent the Gabians from being attacked or even break the hook of Leona.

Because Anivia doesn’t look like freshly peeled without the skin, I wear a festival costume on it

Aside from that, the long Easter weekend was fairly quiet. in a Myths of Runeterra I climbed the ranks with my kite stand in my luggage (hey!) And digged old, dusty mobile games on my smartphone and said goodbye to many of them – digital spring cleaning. Other than that, I went for a walk on the banks of the river in a T-shirt on sunny days and saw beavers, musks and herons, while on winter days I put on my blanket and was given the first two seasons of “Die Brücke” on Netflix. April weather.

Benjamin: My game on Easter weekend can be summed up in one word: Outriders. When I started playing something, it was like this. Not only do I have to – first impressions followed by testing – but because it’s fun, too! As mentioned, it’s not an exceptional title, but you can definitely expect good entertainment here. Other than that, I can recommend you to start with the puzzle. Pick a nice idea – we’ve shot 1,000 pieces – and go. Relax and only when the weather outside is bad.


Marcus: Since the weather was nice, but at the same time cold, windy and snowy, it didn’t invite you out, so you have enough time to dedicate yourself to games – at least that was my plan for a long weekend. Unfortunately, it only worked partially because on Friday evening, an ownerless PC suddenly stood in front of my door and shortly before the message “Contactless delivery, follow plx plx again” from a friend via WhatsApp arrived. Well, Sunday and Monday were enough for games.

Years later, a few jewelry remains lost.

Plus some side trips to C&C Red Alert, WoW, and Remnant, I’ve been looking for the entire past few days Triple Reneted Spyro Certainly. After all, the rumor mill has rumored that in the fall Spyro 4 could appear, perhaps, presumably, with luck – Hell Jeah (´ ▽ “) / – which you can find in Crash Bandicoot 4’s art book: It’s Time You Find Out A little hint. By the way, I don’t mind if the “The Legend of Spyro” trilogy was reviewed, it had a better story * wink, wink @ Toys for Bob / Activision *. Anyway, I’ve been through the 2018 remaster release many times, but it’s still a great game … It’s a Super Mario for dragon fans. You can play over and over again. You should also do this if you haven’t already.

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