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TrevisoMovement to ban the trade and dissemination of fascist tools.

The The proposal comes from the Civil Coalition for Treviso, which in recent days sent to the mayor of the municipal council and the leaders of the council group a proposal to ban the trade and dissemination of fascist and Nazi tools in municipal lands For approval by Treviso City Council. “The movement – clarifying the group – is set in the context of the struggle against neo-fascism and neo-Nazism that spurs the recent popular initiative bill” Rules against the propaganda and dissemination of messages praising fascism and nazism and the sale and production of things with fascist and Nazi symbols “, also known as the” Stazzema Anti-Fascist Law ” “From the name of the place that was the scene of the Nazi massacre in 1944. Hundreds of signatures were also collected for the proposal in Treviso.”

“It has also spread in our lands for some time and shows no sign of diminishing presence in shops, markets and public institutions for things marked by images of fascist and Nazi regimes,” reads the text of the movement.

Given that the trade and publishing of things that evoke the fascist and Nazi regimes have a propaganda function that can incorporate the crime of “apologizing for fascism,” and that the mission of all institutions is to confront the propaganda of principles and methods and restore fascist legislation, ”the text continues – the city council expresses its opposition to the trade and dissemination of fascist tools And Nazism and pledges to intervene within his powers, starting with the regulatory authorities related to fixed and itinerant trade and public companies, to prohibit the sale and display of fascist and Nazi tools. “

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“The Municipal Council – concludes with the proposal text – must use all the tools available to it, particularly with regard to overseeing compliance with regulatory provisions, to verify compliance with the aforementioned prohibitions.”

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