Bandai Namco comments on the next stories and creates general excitement among Saga's fans

Bandai Namco is a large company that continues to produce many video games associated with various IPs. One of these is Tales of, a role-playing game counterpart that has been active for decades. However, some time has passed since the most recent chapter (Tales of Aris, 2021) and we still don't know how the franchise will continue.

However, some details have surfaced online from a user who attended a meeting with Bandai Namco investors. The source says he asked if a new Tales of game was in development and if it would arrive in time for the saga's 30th anniversary in June 2025.

What was said about Tales of

Based on one Translated from Japanese by Automaton Media, a Bandai Namco representative reportedly replied, “There are things I cannot disclose at this time, but please wait for future announcements.” As the Twitter user points out, this response is very different from the standard “we're thinking about it” or “wait” comments that companies typically use to ward off certain questions.

Apparently, this tweet caused a certain stir Excitement among Japanese fans Those who are waiting for the new Tales game. Anyway, this is not a confirmation, so it's best to keep your expectations low about it before you get disappointed.

There are also stories Incrementally reduced output frequencyChapter after chapter, so the next chapter is still far away.

We also point out that Bandai Namco games on Steam have plenty to offer, from Sandland to Tales.

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