Battlefield 2042 is a great name for the tools available!

Une fouille a été faite dans les fichiers de la version de test de Battlefield 2042 pour obtenir des informations sur les types d’armes portées par les spécialistes dans le jeu. Il s’avère qu’une grande partie de l’arsenal sera interchangeable entre.

This discovery fell on the temporary user, who had already “discovered” a lot of things in the production files discussed. I have already read about it in this place. Now, through data mining, he has found details of the types of tools that can be equipped. Below is a general diagram showing the fruits of his labor. Keep in mind that things may not be quite the same after the game’s release.

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Battlefield 2042 - Graphics by Temporyal - Enabled in-game tools

Most importantly, weapons against armored vehicles are likely to be equipped by each specialist. Therefore, you do not have to worry about situations where a particular team is predetermined to lose due to choosing the wrong categories and the tricks they use.

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The game will undergo some changes

However, I believe that the game will see some changes, as described above, anyone will be able to wear a repair device. Previously, the engineer had reserved this article. Maybe DICE wants to loosen up a bit with what formula a player can carry with them in Battlefield 2042 after all? We’ll likely only know about it from the Open Beta, about which not much is known yet, which was supposed to be released in September. It’s true that this month is still going on, so maybe we’ll get a chance to play in the next few days.

An overview of independent niche tools based on the #Battlefield 2042 playtest. I have included the corresponding UI slots for reference. The Supply Throwable gadget appears to be attached to a Specialized/Supply bag (and therefore is not part of the list). Images: BF4/Google.

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