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Apple He said that Fortnight will not be allowed to return to the App Store It could take up to five years until the legal battle with the epic games is over. This was stated by Tim Sweeney, President of Epic Games.

Via Twitter, Sweeney said: “Apple lied. Apple told the world, the court and the press one year, ‘If we agree to play by the same rules as everyone else, we will welcome epic games back to the App Store.’ Epic admitted, now Apple has denied it, abusing its monopoly power to over a billion users.

Sweeney later showed an email to Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of global product marketing, alleging that Epic had paid a $ 6 million fine for promising to abide by court rules. The head of Epic Games also says: “Apple announced to the epic that it will be put on one of the Fortnights last night Blockchain in the Apple Ecosystem It may take up to five years until all appeals are completed. ”

Keep in mind that Epic Games was able to beat a part of the case: Apple can no longer prevent developers from inserting links or buttons into external payment methods. However, at the same time, epic games are lost from all other perspectives. The company was found guilty of voluntarily terminating contracts with Apple, had to pay a fine, and failed to call Apple Monopoly. The epic has appealed and it will take some time to complete the appeals. Until then, don’t return to the Fortnight App Store.

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