Battlefield 2042 offers virtual in-game currency and Battle Pass progress details.

Despite its launch, Battlefield 2042 is still trying to grow and occupy the place it deserves. That’s why now, with the arrival of its first season, the game will create its own virtual currency and also detail the way you progress, as well as a new Battle Pass.

Let’s start with the Battlefield 2042 coin, it will be called “BFC” and we are already used to these additions, to give you the idea that it will be like the “turkey” in Fortnite or the “CP” in Call of Duty. A currency that you can get by spending real money or by completing a Battle Pass, something I will detail below.

Battlefield 2042 will no longer be a pay-to-win.

This is the first thing they confirm to us on their website; The items that you can buy with the new virtual currency will be purely cosmetic and will not affect the stats of weapons or players in general at all. So there will be no problem with that, which is certainly welcome.

As for the battle pass, it will be offered in two versions, free and premium. We will have a total of 100 rewards, 30 of which will be free, the card can be purchased using BFC, these coins are obtained not only by spending money, but also by completing the battle card. So yes, there will be a time when you can buy Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass for free.

As mentioned earlier, players will not be able to enjoy the benefits of the game if they invest real money. Battlefield Coins can only be spent on cosmetic items that will not give you an unfair advantage on the battlefield.

Passing will be done as usual, winning matches, completing goals or challenges that will be done during the season to climb the rewards a little faster. Although after the bad news that the first season will only bring one new map, it may give a new feel to the game.

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We will have to give it a chance, the first season could be a turning point in the game and possibly return to being the shooter that captivated many players for years. In the meantime, let me know what you think of Season 1 and what they’re getting into. Battlefield 2042 is probably where it deserves to be again.

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