Jean-Michel Jarre Fulfills His Desire for “French Metaphors”

The artist associated with the startup VRrOOm has already worked together, as they did during the New Year 2020. Now, they are preparing a French metaverse to compete with the American and Asian giants.

The French faltering idea is one that Jean-Michel Jarre has championed for a few months now. Electronic Music Pioneer has finished his project alongside VRrOOm, a Perpignan startup that defines itself as the “creator of immersive events in the metaverse”.

The latter announced, on Tuesday, May 31, the development of a French platform dedicated to cultural events, Reports Le Figaro. It will allow any artist to create an “experience,” whether it’s a concert or an exhibition that will be broadcast in virtual reality on a VR headset, a computer, or even a smartphone.

“The idea is for YouTube to become of the metaverse, a place where you can watch content but also create it thanks to our tools,” VRrOOm founder Louis Cacciuttolo explains to figaro.

To do this, the startup announces its desire to go through a French service provider for the graphics engine. It indicates that it has already contacted video game publisher Ubisoft. VRrOOm has already worked side by side with the artist, in particular on the occasion of the virtual New Year 2020 concert.

“It will be too late.”

In December 2021, Jean-Michel Jarre had already outlined his ambitions in the French Metaverse on BFM Business. The artist sparked his “fascination” with this digital world, but also the need to create one under the tricolor banner to combat projects already tangible to Americans or Asians, such as the Facebook metaverse.

“For the party, we went through an American platform, and we had to pay for it. […] Ultimately, this platform can exercise direct or indirect censorship by making a decision to highlight a particular production, establishment or company. […] We may be a victim of the production put forward, particularly American or Asian, compared to what we have,” he said at the time.

nearby figaroThe French artist reiterated these fears “The metaverse is not just a maniac thing. If nothing is done in two to three years, it will be too late.”

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For its part, VRrOOm announced that it will launch the prototype of its platform by the end of the year.

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