Before leaving, Tim Cook must first complete some missions

After Steve Jobs resigned for health reasons, on August 24, 2011, Tim Cook took over Apple, a company he joined in March 1998. After spending 10 years at the helm of the world’s most valuable company, the possible departure of the 60-year-old has been discussed widely for several years. However, Tim Cook remains Apple’s CEO and doesn’t seem determined to step down until its launch A major new product category.

Renowned Bloomberg reporter Mark Gorman announced this in his weekly newsletter: “The belief inside Apple is that Cook just wants to stay there for a major new product category, which will likely be augmented reality glasses rather than a car — something beyond that. He also understands that running a Silicon Valley business is generally a youthful game. And he will not remain far from his period of existence.”

Apple car bye?

This category of products appears to be related to Apple’s efforts with regard to augmented reality and virtual reality. Information confirmed by Gurman who estimates that the Apple headset for mixed reality is scheduled for 2022. After that, a pair of augmented reality glasses Apple Glass is supposed to appear in the middle of the decade. Also note that the Cupertino company is currently working on an Apple Car, a project that could allow Tim Cook to leave the office with dignity.

Also, according to Mark Gorman, Tim Cook should step down at Apple between 2025 and 2028, given that he signed a salary agreement set to expire in 2025. Although no name has been released yet, the Cupertino company should definitely Already think beyond Tim Cook.

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