Oops, iPhone shows no notch in Apple TV + series!

The iPhone appeared without a notch in one of the episodes of the Ted Lasso series that aired on Apple TV +. The phone reveals the famous iOS interface. However, the notch that has been there since the iPhone X is not visible there. This would be a post-production bug and not an organized leak two weeks before the possible launch of the iPhone 13.

There is a rumor spread this weekend on Chinese networks claiming that Apple will introduce its phone iPhone 13 Within two weeks. The keynote will already be held on September 14, at the end of the afternoon in France and at the beginning of the day in Cupertino. Obviously, many smartphones are to be expected. And obviously we refer you to our full profile to find all the information (confirmed or not) about this new generation.

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One of the novelties announced by many rumors is related to the front end. More precisely, the notch that houses all the sensors of the iPhone X’s Face ID (Advanced Facial Recognition) system. According to the two leakers, can be lowered. It will not completely disappear, leaving two more “ears” on the interface for viewing notifications in particular. But it will be less noticeable.

iPhone appears without notch in Ted Lasso series

What if an iPhone without a notch is really expected in a couple of weeks? We can hardly believe it. But the appearance of an iPhone without a notch in a series that aired on Apple TV + ignited social networks earlier this week. The string in question is Ted Lasso (which continues to win awards this year).

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A Twitter user posted several screenshots of Episode 6 of season 2. And we can already see the iPhone without a pattern, with the iOS interface easily recognizable. The image attached to this article is one of those screenshots. A link to the source is provided at the end of the article for the curious.

Apparently, Apple did not unknowingly integrate the iPhone (and even a prototype) into a series. There are several possible hypotheses: this is a fake phone, or it’s a problem post production, or even both at the same time. But it’s funny to see, “for real”, an iPhone without a notch. Especially since it is an old fad of dropouts.

Source : Twitter

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