Behold, we have found a better planet to live on than the earth

For us, a Super Earth is the most interesting type of planet for the simple reason that there is nothing in our solar system. It will be a larger rocky planet than ours, but smaller than the gas giant.

Discovered by the Subaru Telescope of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) in Hawaii, it is called the Ross 508 b, and orbits a very dim red dwarf 36.5 light-years away.

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The stellar radiation that strikes Ross 508 b is 1.4 times that of solar radiation that strikes Earth, which places the Exoplanet very close to the inner outer edge of its star’s habitable zone. The data collected, however, tell us that life as we know it is not very possible in this world.

What makes this discovery extraordinary is that it has recorded the existence of a planet around such a faint star above all else, underscoring the fact that new techniques for searching for extraterrestrial planets are increasingly effective and sophisticated.

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