Best Competitive FPS Esports Games of 2022

If you enjoy playing FPS games and you’re interested in esports, you might be wondering what are the best options available to you in 2022. And you have at least 5 of them that are viable and offer great advantages.

1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO has been around for more than 10 years and has a thriving professional scene. Each season, dozens of tournaments are organized and many of them offer $1 million in prizes. This game is played by around 12 million people and comes with a massive skin market supported by third-party skin trading platforms.

This practically means that you can trade skins and actually make money from them, the same way you’d trade crypto.

If you may like to bet on CS:GO – the best esports game for those who bet on electronic sports, Thunderpick will provide you with all the opportunities you can dream of. Not only S-tier events are covered in great depth, but A-tier and even B-tier ones.

The reason why people get into CS:GO, apart from the fact that they love FPS games, has to do with the stability of its ecosystem. The company behind the game, Valve Corporation, is thriving because it owns Steam, Dota 2, and a bunch of other great games.

The people involved with CS:GO, both on the talent side and on the player side, are fantastic and their passion for the game ensures the quality of each tournament. The dozens and even hundreds of teams that compete in the game have a lot to play for, so the incentive to get better is always there.

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For a new player, getting into CS:GO at this point in history is like getting into any respectable traditional sport. The system is constantly searching for the next s1mple or the next NiKo. And dedication is highly rewarded.

But even if you’re only interested in playing casually, CS:GO is a superb game that has the one quality every game designer is looking for: it’s easy to learn but very difficult to master.

2. Valorant

Valorant may not be as well-developed at this point in time as CS:GO, but its potential is even greater. And that’s because the game was developed by Riot Games, the same company that created League of Legends. Given LoL’s massive popularity, it’s only a matter of time until Valorant becomes hugely popular too.

The game already has a player base of around 15 million, but will likely reach 25 million in the next few years. And at that point, its professional scene will be fully developed. You can expect dozens of big events per year or regional leagues that offer weekly matches. Whether you’re a fan of the game, a bettor, or even a player, understanding Valorant will be highly advantageous in the long run.

The difference between Valorant and CS:GO is that Valorant is a new-school FPS, which means that it incorporates elements from other genres. CS:GO is a pure FPS game that revolves around weapons and tactics. But Valorant is something else. Its characters have unique abilities and no two agents are the same.

The separation of roles is better, the maps are very well designed and the action is fun to watch. At the moment, Riot is still experimenting with Valorant’s tournaments. But very soon, this esport’s professional scene will be scaled up and upgraded in every way.

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PUBG is one of the most popular battle royale FPS games in the world. Hundreds of millions of people have played it and as soon as you try it, it becomes clear why its popularity is so huge. This game has everything: tactics, memorable moments, a wide variety of weapons and equipment, etc.

PUBG tournaments are usually team-based and involve dozens of teams per round. This means that as a spectator, you get to watch a lot of duels in which someone gains a big boost while someone else loses everything. This makes PUBG esports exciting.

But even if you’re someone who just wants to play the game to have fun, PUBG delivers a world-class experience. It will take a while to get accustomed to the battle royale mode, but as soon as you do, you’ll love every minute of it.

4. Call of Duty

Over the past decade, one of the best FPS games in the world has been Call of Duty. This game is very similar to CS:GO but puts more emphasis on game modes and unique maps.

Being played by around one hundred million people, some of whom gained a lot of fame by playing the game, such as Dr.Disrespect, CoD is for sure a tier-1 FPS game that you should try.

The biggest CoD tournaments offer a few million dollars in prizes, so the game’s esports scene is clearly thriving. In the coming years, CoD is expected to grow bigger and attract a good portion of those who discover esports. Right now, the industry as a whole has roughly half a billion enthusiasts and is growing every year by around 5-10%.

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5. Rainbow Six Siege

R6 Siege is the perfect FPS for those who like tactics above everything else. This game is highly sophisticated in the strategy department and focuses a lot on the realism of its battles. No other FPS will make you feel more connected to the action than this one.

It is estimated that R6 Siege is played by around 30 million people around the globe. Its esports events are quite epic, which means that the game is thriving. In 2022, Six Invitational offered $3 million in prize money and featured 20 teams.

If you want to master Rainbow 6 Siege, you will quickly discover that the game is both challenging and fun. And thanks to the fact that it’s been around for many years, it has reached a highly refined stage in its evolution. From the balance of weapons to the design of its maps, everything is on point.


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