lol: these are small changes that will tweak the game in depth

Two things are endless on Reddit: human stupidity, as a certain scientist said, is always quoted irrelevantly (ie: the sentence you’re reading), and users’ imaginations. And fantasy, the League of Legends community has no shortage of that. Today’s exercise was to make just one tweak to the mechanics of the game, but to tweak it completely. Here are the ideas that seemed most relevant to us (but we don’t necessarily want to see them in the game).

league run

The first change is silly, but it will completely change League of Legends. The principle is simple, only minions who have achieved great success bring experience. This idea is completely off topic, with a seemingly slight change, but one that would reinvent the entire game. Some have commented that this will kill most of the sololane’s melee heroes, who will have a high chance of automatically losing against range characters which will prevent them from the last hit and thus recover XP. Hardest hit will undoubtedly be the struts, but at least they’ll be able to fountain AFK, without deserving of a delay. It won’t take long for players to adapt, and then the double jungle strategies will become viable.

There is no way out

Another minor change that would completely revolutionize the game is the impossibility of using Flash in combat. End that frustration, as after stumbling between flankers and opposing CCs, you finally reach the opposing backline to see them flash, leaving you once again with no opponents around. Of course if this change were to strengthen the fighter’s archetype, archers and some magicians would be completely immersed, because they could no longer escape once caught. Obviously there will be some heroes who will act crazy with such a change, Garvan IV being the example that comes to mind. Although this may result in a beautiful set of wumbo, it is not certain that such a change is desirable.


The changes are less impactful, but fun

The first on this list will be friendly fire. It’s very likely that you, like us, are mixed up imagining it. Sure, getting revenge on that comrade who’s been bothering you since the beginning of the game is fun, but soon it can become a very big mess. (a polite expression means it’s the great dimmer.) Here we’ve only discussed intentional uses to hurt teammates, but it’s also possible to question how the team fights, especially if you play a hero like Karthus who tends to do more damage in the AOE and can do more damage on your team than on the opposing team.

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The other suggestion is directly inspired by DOTA 2, and consists of being able to hit your minions for the last time. These will then bring neither gold nor experience, either to you or your opponent. This would change the lane phases a lot, making the lane bullies stronger.

Perhaps the last idea we chose is the best. It will consist of simply adding a rune, which will open the seventh element slot. It can be very handy for props, who often have trouble juggling components to build the final object, the slot they have to hold for the pinks, or even a stopwatch. Finally, she probably won’t be as powerful as Ron, because she’ll start to get really super strong once she hits the full build, which is still pretty rare in all ELOs.


PSG’s League of Legends team may struggle to spark passion in France and Europe, for the simple reason that the team is primarily focused on Asia. Founded in the PCS (Asia Pacific) region, it also regularly recruits Korean players.

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