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In Gran Turismo 7 you will have to choose in terms of starting car, but which one to choose? We give you the answer.

Gran Turismo 7 It is finally available since Friday 4th March and within the game you will have to make the choice to start as in most racing games i.e. your first car.

you will have Choose between three carsand Toyota Aqua S, Honda Fit Hybrid, and Mazda Demio XD Touring. Among these cars, we recommend the Fit Hybrid if you’re just aiming to race.

The entry-level car Gran Turismo 7, which one to choose?

If you want to know which car to start with your choice in Gran Turismo 7, well, It will very much depend on what you aim forBut anyway, we advise you to do soAvoid buying a Toyota Aqua S. As for the other two cars, here’s which one to choose according to your preference.

Honda Fit Hybrid

This car doesn’t allow you much tuning, but However, it is an excellent choice if you are looking for victories in the first races and first championships. By taking this car, you will be able to drive in an instant in order to save maximum credits and be competitive at a lower cost. Only downside, its low acceleration.

Mazda Demio XD Touring

Mazda is the cheapest on the list among entry-level cars, but it is also the least powerful. However, If you want a car that you can greatly modify, Demio XD Touring will be the perfect choice.

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Obviously your choice will be completely personal and according to your preferences, but you will get back the other two cars that you didn’t buy later in the game by completing missions in GT CafĂ© and thus adding them to your collection.

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