A Complete Guide To Mobile Marketing

At present, people live in a smartphone-centric world as more mobile devices launch across the globe. The majority of global internet users own and use smartphones for browsing. 

For this reason, companies have also changed the way they do business by including mobile marketing as part of their marketing arsenal. The aim is to boost sales, build a brand, and increase engagement. So, whether you’re running a small business or a big corporation, mobile marketing can be a crucial factor in your consumer outreach campaigns. 

If you want to take advantage of mobile marketing, turn to solutions like Drop Cowboy Ringless Voicemail for better results. However, before you get started, make sure to learn more about mobile marketing first.

An Overview Of Mobile Marketing

Generally, mobile marketing allows you to promote various products to consumers by using tablets and smartphones. As more people use mobile devices, marketers can reach countless consumers. 

Marketers have several options, such as QR codes, in-app advertising, text messaging, and email, which help access consumer data, including demographics and location. This information may help them customize their products and services to suit their target audience’s preferences. 

To make the most of mobile marketing, you can use tools like Power Dialer, which allows you to automate the process of making phone calls. It’s also an essential tool if your business has to make a high volume of sales calls because it saves your agents from selecting or clicking the next number to call. In short, you don’t need to deal with the hassles involved in manual dialing.

Why Is Mobile Marketing Important For Marketers And Businesses?

Mobile marketing is a logical way to connect with your target audience that uses mobile devices 24/7. It uses app-activity tracking and geo-location to create personalized marketing campaigns, which lead to increased click-through rates and conversions.

Therefore, the earlier marketers reach out to consumers on their mobile devices, the more business sense it makes. To know how to level up your mobile marketing, watch this video:


If you still doubt about using mobile marketing, here are the reasons why you should prioritize it:

  • Instant And Effective

Businesses and marketers can reach their target audience constructively and instantly with mobile marketing. Since text messages have a high open-rate than emails, you can be sure that you’ll get instant results using mobile marketing campaigns.

  • More Personal

Reaching your audience on their mobile devices creates a one-to-one connection in many ways. For example, marketers can make personalized web pages based on the users’ behaviors, allowing them to send and tailor personalized push notifications. Plus, they can offer special discount codes for purchases from mobile devices.

  • Help You Go Viral With Ease

Your content can be shared easily and faster and may go viral over time. Since mobile devices are portable devices, they make your communication and advertisements portable and accessible on the go.

  • Make Brands Search Engine Friendly

Companies with mobile-friendly websites have higher search rankings. The reason behind it is that most searches happen on mobile devices. Search engine optimization (SEO) must be a major part of your mobile marketing strategy to take advantage of the high search ranking.

  • Location-Based Advantage
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Whether or not you’re targeting local customers, mobile marketing has a location-based advantage. Localization can help you provide a more personalized experience. Mobile devices let businesses know their user’s locations. It means they can send effective and personalization communication to particular user segments.

  • Include Gamification In Your Marketing Strategy

Many mobile users play games on their devices. It makes mobile devices an excellent medium to introduce gamification into your marketing strategy, enabling you to draw your audience’s interest with exciting games instantly.

  • High Engagement

A well-optimized mobile marketing strategy engages customers effectively by creating a timely and personalized brand interface. These days, people spend more time on phones and become habituated to using particular websites or apps. It makes them loyal users and more likely to convert than email users.

Click-through rates and conversion rates are always higher on websites and mobile apps than desktop devices. Since mobile marketing revolves around personalized engagement, users share contact details with brands they prefer to engage with. So, they’re prepared to view the promotions, which result in high click-through rates.

Types Of Mobile Marketing Strategies

There are many mobile marketing strategies you can try. The kind that works best for your companies will depend on your budget, industry, and target audience.

    1. App-Based Marketing

One of the types of mobile marketing is app-based marketing. As its name implies, it’s mobile advertising, which involves mobile apps. Although most mobile time is spent engaged with various apps, you don’t have to make your own app to get in on the action. Instead, you can use services that may help you create mobile ads that appear within various third-party mobile apps.

Social media platforms like Facebook also enable businesses to create ads integrated into their mobile app. The promoted post ads of Facebook integrate seamlessly with the platform’s news feed that users don’t usually realize they’re looking at ads.

    2. Text Messaging

It involves capturing users’ phone numbers and sending them text offers. Although many marketers consider it obsolete, text messaging is still effective for several businesses as it has higher open rates than emails.

    3. Location-Based Marketing

Another type of mobile marketing is location-based marketing, which works by placing ads on mobile devices based on the user’s location relative to a particular business or area. For instance, marketers may only want their mobile ads to appear when users are near their business location.

    4. QR Codes

These are scanned by users who will be directed to a website that the QR code is attached to. Often, a QR code is aligned with mobile gamification and has an element of mystery to them since the users who scan them don’t always know what information to get.

    5. In-Game Mobile Marketing

It refers to the mobile ads that appear within mobile games. In-game ads may appear as banner pop-ups, video ads, or full-page image ads that appear between the loading screens.

Ways To Create A Killer Mobile Marketing Strategy

Businesses should have a well-defined, killer mobile marketing strategy to make a mark in the online world. With this in mind, it’s essential to understand how consumers use their mobile devices.

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Usually, mobile users check their devices frequently, regardless of their location or what they’re doing. So, it holds an essential lesson for businesses to keep your content contextual, clear, and sharp. Besides, businesses should redesign and research their marketing material to optimize their sales funnels.

Below are some of the ways to create a winning mobile marketing strategy:

    1. Create A Buyer Persona

Marketing is all about being contextual to reach your potential customers with the right message. Due to this, it’s crucial to understand your consumers’ mobile usage patterns and segment them into relevant clusters.

The traditional segmentation categories, including geographic, demographic, or behavioral, are no longer effective as they divide customers on a surface-level similarity. Instead, make incisive category clusters, such as deal seekers, premium users, or VIP users.

Fortunately, there are many tools you can use for effective segmentation. Depending on your budget, opt for tools built with advanced segmentation to quickly save time in creating buyer personas.

    2. Set Goals

Define what you like to gain from your mobile marketing strategy. For instance, do you want to grow your database or generate more conversions? If you like to start text message campaigns, effective goals can help you create an opt-in database.

    3. Think Like Consumers

If you’re going to attract consumers, you have to think like you’re one of the customers. Before getting started with your mobile marketing strategy, ensure that you understand your competition. For instance, you can search about its app-based adverts and what keywords they use. The more you understand your competitors, you’re more likely to achieve success in the long run.

    4. Ensure You Have Mobile-Friendly Websites

If you want to get results with your mobile marketing efforts, you need to ensure that you have a mobile-friendly website. Keep in mind that regardless of how well-optimized your mobile marketing campaigns are, if your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, your efforts will be nothing. 

Luckily, website builders can help you build a mobile-friendly website. Some hosting software also offers plug-ins for making web pages more mobile-friendly. Just ensure that your landing page is easy to navigate and clutter-free.

    5. Optimize Your User’s Mobile Experience

Screen size limits the navigation and experience of users. It’s vital to create content that can be viewed well on small screens. Below are the rules to follow when optimizing your user’s mobile experience

  • Create Short Forms – If you’re asking your audience to fill out forms, try to keep them short because nobody wants to type on long forms on a tiny phone screen.
  • Customize Your Content – Consider personalizing your content as per user preference. This way, it’s more relevant and contextual for your users.
  • Add A Call-to-Action (CTA) Button – A CTA button is essential for mobile marketing strategy. So, marketers must create a compelling CTA. If possible, keep it big so your users can easily tap or click it.

Best Mobile Marketing Practices

Like any marketing strategy, you can’t achieve success in an overnight process. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to attain. If you want to grow your business using mobile marketing, here are the best practices to consider:

  • Stay Updated With The Trends And Technology
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Technology grows constantly, and this is true for mobile devices. As mobile becomes more powerful, new uses and trends will emerge.

A good example is that search engine results start to show videos and pictures more often and web pages less often. There’s even a possibility that internet users will see mobile apps or social media pages in the future. Another trend is the popularity of wearable technology and what it means for the way people use mobile apps daily.

  • Keywords Are Crucial

For keywords, it’s always essential to keep them short and simple. Customers prefer to receive messages that are easy to digest and read, so keep them simple and avoid some special characters. If possible, select keywords that won’t be autocorrected. You should also ensure that your chosen keywords are straight to the point. For example, if you’re offering a sale, use terms like discounts and deals.

  • Keep Your Marketing Message Short And Sweet

Keeping your marketing message short and sweet is critical to reaching all your target users, but it’s especially essential for mobile users. Tablets and smartphones are smaller, so there’s less space to grab someone’s attention before they scroll. You should also consider that mobile users are frequently on the go and have more options like mobile apps.

White space can make your web pages much easier and more attractive to read. In terms of mobile marketing, less is more.

  • Be Clear

Clarity is vital at every stage of your mobile marketing campaign. So, be sure to set the proper expectations and be upfront. This way, your customers will be aware of what they’re signing up for.

Ensure to inform them of the campaign’s purpose, the kind of messages you’ll send, and their frequency. You should also include options to opt out of every message. Setting your customers’ expectations and being upfront will allow them to know that you won’t be spamming their mobile devices.

  • Test, Measure And Learn

Every business has a unique customer base. For this reason, it’s wise to test, measure, and learn to ensure mobile marketing success. You can start by testing out new content or testing the time of the day you’re sending messages to know how your potential customers react. Then, measure your campaign’s success by focusing on the number of opt-outs and opt-ins. The number of your opt-outs indicates whether or not your content is relevant to your audience.

Wrapping Up

While digital marketing is beneficial, mobile marketing is one of the top choices for growing businesses and professional marketers. With its ability to facilitate engagement, increase brand awareness, and generate sales, mobile marketing can level up your business performance. Just make sure never to stop learning about mobile marketing, stay updated with the current trends, create an effective mobile marketing strategy, and take note of the best practices to get your desired results.

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