Betting on Soccer in Canada

Canadians have always been fans of ice hockey and lacrosse, but lately soccer has become a much bigger part of the country’s sporting culture. The 2022 World Cup will be hosted by Canada and the Women’s national team won gold at the Olympics. That’s a big deal for the sport and it is one of the reasons betting on soccer games is growing in popularity across the country.

The best online sportsbooks for soccer in Canada offer a wide variety of wagers on all the major domestic leagues and international competitions. Some of the most popular include the UEFA Champions League, several high-quality European national leagues (EPL, Bundesliga, Serie A), and the FIFA World Cup. In addition to soccer, Canadians can also find a great selection of betting options on other sports like rugby, cricket, tennis, golf, and table tennis.

In general, most of the same rules apply for betting on soccer as they do for any other sport. There are a few important differences though, and it is important to understand them before placing your bets. First, you’ll need to choose a bookmaker that offers the sport you want to bet on. Once you’ve found the right bookmaker, simply log in and select the bet type you want to place. Then enter your bet amount and click ‘Place Bet’ to submit your wager.

Most provinces in Canada have legalized sports betting, and most of them have retail sportsbooks that allow customers to make single-game bets. Ontario was the first to launch single-game betting in 2021, and it was a model for other jurisdictions to follow. Quebec did not waste any time after Ontario’s lead and added single-game betting to its offerings in August of the same year.

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Despite being a winter sport, the popularity of indoor soccer has grown significantly in Canada in recent years. Many local clubs have sprung up, and the country’s top teams play regular matches at arenas across the country. These venues attract large crowds, and the excitement of a live game is often enough to propel the sport’s ratings.

While there are a few different ways to bet this online casino platform, the most common method involves placing a moneyline bet on a specific team to win. A moneyline bet pays out if the winning team wins by a certain number of goals, while a push results in your bet being refunded. There are also handicap bets available, but these bet types are more complicated and should be avoided by beginners.

There are also prop bets that cover things like overtime and shootouts. These aren’t as common as regular bets, but they can add a little extra value to your wagers. Visit SportsLine now to see which Guatemala vs. Canada picks have the most betting value, all from proven SportsLine expert Martin Green.

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