Between PC performance and tablet motion, you don’t have to choose anymore

What digital tools do you use on a daily basis?

Bertrand Ozil I always have my tablet device on hand to take notes. It’s a little cliché, but thoughts teem with me and can come at any time. I should be able to write it easily. Our parents had notes and pencils, and I have two tablets. On the contrary, the PC is a more established tool in my professional schedule. All my programs, files and accounts are on it. It’s my reservoir, oh my ass.

Why did you choose Summit E13 Flip Evo?

It allows me to find my computer and tablet on one device. In one gesture, I can switch from one to the other and combine uses. For example, when I look at my accounting charts for Welcome To The Jungle, I switch to tablet mode and scroll through them easily with the stylus. And when I need to plunge into writing a project, in the future setting alone on stage, adopt me if I can or an episode of a series, I go back to PC mode. It is very fluid and very interesting. Simply flip the keyboard to return to tablet mode.

Concretely, what did you save in time or in contact?

It’s silly but before that, in the morning, I had to think about taking my tablet, computer, batteries, accessories … Now, I just take the Summit E13 Flip Evo, my phone and let’s go! Besides this very practical aspect, the difference occurs in terms of experience. Every day I receive nearly 30 videos in various formats posted on Welcome to The Jungle or my web threads on Instagram Welcome to Jungle. My Summit E13 Flip Evo’s 16: 10 display enables a more consistent display as well as a more enjoyable viewing experience thanks to the fine details and also the larger display area. In addition to that, it is really nice to be able to switch viewing modes smoothly. Also, when I have to present a project to my collaborators, they see me switch to tablet mode very easily and eyes change. It’s a truly two-in-one virtuous experience.

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In short, what if you only had to use three words to describe your new tool?

I would say “inclusiveness” and “lightness” – from an artistic and from a standpoint – and finally “adaptability”, according to the places and people around me.

Note that many Summit E13 Flip EVO models are Sold exclusively at Fnac For April, starting at € 1,799, and will be available at major retailers across the country from May.

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