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Which tribe will rule the Great Plains?

In the valley, two tribes collide to ensure their control. To help them, they will be able to count on the animal world that will help them cross plains and mountains as well as invade their enemy’s lands. At the head of each tribe, who would be the best to anticipate and plan a flawless expansion plan?

Great Plains is a two-player game that will soon be featured in the Funforge catalog! We will keep you informed when we have more specific information about its release. In the meantime, we invite you to discover the mechanics of the game!

With your opponent, you play as one of the tribes fighting for control of the plains. To determine how these will be, randomly draw the tiles for the board and place them in hexagonal ones. Each side will then have their own unique gameplay board where strategy and good use of your resources will be your only allies for victory!

Get out of your caves!

During the first stage of the game, you will take turns setting your own caves. Perhaps the starting point for your business plan is in the choices you will make during this tour … Once each tribe has placed the three cave squares, the second stage begins.

Explore the neighboring lands!

Here you are outside your cave. Now, you have to go and occupy the surrounding land to expand! Players take turns placing the clan symbol on an empty plain. This plain should be adjacent to one of their caves or one of the pre-placed tokens.

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Horde wild animals to fight alongside you!

Numerous areas of wildlife (horse, eagle, or bear) are distributed on the board. By placing one of his tokens on it, the player will recover a matching animal piece that he can play with during the turn he desires. It’s up to you to judge the right time in the game to play one of these squares! Be careful, however, each animal has a very specific effect: While the horse allows you to explore the plains faster, the eagle gives the mountain exploration advantage and the bear the advantage of exploring enemy territory.

Once all the tokens of the tribe are in place, it will be necessary to determine the dominance of each meadow. Prairies are the surrounding grassy spaces. The person with the most tokens in one wins the number of their squares with points. Having the resources in the meadow adds one more point each.

Great Plains game, soon in the Funforge catalog!

If you have any questions or comments about how the game works, feel free to ask us for the comments!

The qualities
Authors: Trevor Benjamin and Brett J. Gilbert
Illustrator: Clemens Franz
Number of players: 2
Duration of the game: 20 minutes
Age: 10 years and up
Publisher: Lookout Games
French version editor and distributor: Funforge

Game rules

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