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Between Us is available for free on VRChat! Rediscover the first multiplayer game!

Among us is definitely one of the biggest surprises of 2020. The indie game has made it one of the most viewed games on Twitch thanks to its fun and refreshing gameplay. But since its release, the developers have yet to provide many updates to revamp the gaming experience despite announcing a new map very soon.

But this time VRChat Make his appearance! The game, which is freely available on Steam, gives you access to various mini-games and various activities that allow you to interact with other users. Thus, “Between Us” is no exception to the rule as moderators have allowed the various colored characters of “Between Us” to play directly in VRChat. So it’s nice and possible to play with us in first person!

VRChat is a free network of mini-games available for free on Steam

So the mode allows you, as in the base game, to be able to perform various missions on the map if you are an innocent person or conversely, to use the wind and kill other crew members if you are there. Juggler. Obviously, the important news and most interesting point of VR mode is the imposed first person view which prevents you from getting a 360 degree view. So it would be possible to assassinate innocents without being seen or avoid the fraudster by passing behind his back unnoticed. A strategy that can come in handy if you run fast enough to activate an emergency meeting.

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If you are still hesitant, know that there are many mods available, all of which are free to play between us on VRChat. Additionally, you don’t have to have a VR headset to be able to access the game, but you also severely limit the immersion made possible with a VR headset. This alternative to the base game is sure to delight game fans and also allow you to add new perspectives to your games with friends.

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