Beware of a scam that steals 10,000 euros from your account via SMS

A new scam has arrived on smartphones and is capable of stealing up to 10 thousand euros from your account: how to avoid it

Alarm launched by SMS fraud, codecons –

A new one Fraud The plan to siphon money from the accounts of unsuspecting users has been exposed CodaconsA well-known consumer association has exposed the activity of these criminals who create increasingly sophisticated and effective systems to steal other people's money every day.

How the new scam is done

The latest scam is highlighted as a common occurrence SMS This will result in a loss of 10 thousand euros from your current account. In an official note, Codacons explained to consumers what behavior and precautions they should take to avoid falling into this cruel trap. The operation carried out by fraudsters is well structured and for this reason it has many opportunities to succeed, and because consumers are often distracted and underestimate the real risks.

Kotacons advice to avoid falling into SMS fraud –

The scam is perpetrated through an apparently harmless or potentially useful SMS that informs the user about access issues. Home Bank or suspicious movements in the account. To learn more, the user is invited to click on a link that takes them to the bank's cloned website. Unknown user types at this point Username, Tax Code, Password, Phone Number and the email address can be logged in, not realizing that they have exposed some sensitive data to the criminals who planned this scam.

The scam in question is technically called “laughing”and has already claimed several victims in Italy, as reported by Codacons some time ago. The same consumer association released details of a case where a fake operator working for a bank was contacted. Initially the defrauded person received a bank transfer of 30 euros. Thinking he was in touch with a real bank operator, he gave his details only to discover that 10 thousand euros had been stolen from his account.

Codacons Consulting

The victim then contacted both the police and Kodacons and tried to recover the amount stolen by the fraudster. To prevent others from falling into the same trap, Kodakons has called upon everyone to never disclose their personal data or access codes of their bank accounts, and to avoid holding bank or personal data. credit card on your smartphone. Another thing to do is to check your bank accounts frequently to always update on any suspicious movements.

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