Beware, this scam seeks to empty your bank account!

Be warned, scammers are currently using the reputation of the German supermarket chain to steal the bank details of their victims.

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If you are a fan of local products Liddell, And see a chance to win a pass, beware of the currently ongoing scam. The German retail chain is already a victim of its success, as fraudsters use their reputation to lure potential victims into their nets.

Fake gift card is on the rise

There are many scams about Lidl, but the fake gift card scam is arguably the most common today. In widely circulated emails – which you may have received yourself – that appear to be coming from Lidl, you are offered to win a 50 € gift card. However, to redeem this coupon you must complete a small online survey. And here’s the drama. Once the scan is complete, Fraudsters get their hands on your bank details And other sensitive data. Of course, you will never see the color of the promised 50 euros.

If you fall into the trap before, you will see an increase in the number of suspicious outgoing transfers from your account. The only option left is to contact your bank and explain the situation to them, while your card is being opposed. If you weren’t interested, now you know: this alleged coupon is a scam. Lidl confirmed on their website that it is “Not in the original in any way” From these fraudulent emails and you are not currently implementing any campaign aiming to issue gift cards of this kind.

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Be careful

Always make sure to check the return address before answering a survey or trying to win anything via email. Often times, phishing attempts are easy to spot, because the email address regularly contains symbols or characters that have no place in the official address. In general, avoid seemingly overly tempting offers, which are often a way to extract personal data from you. Finally, note that the same scam is also common over the phone, but the potential victim must necessarily call a high-priced phone number to win a coupon.

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