The test is mandatory from April 12, as well as for scheduled appointments in the hospital’s outpatient departments

Linz / Greater Austria. Due to the currently continuing high number of infections in Upper Austria and the particularly worrying situation in some regions, it will be mandatory for patients to test the planned outpatient appointments starting next week in the outpatient clinics of all Upper Austria hospitals.

Even if the situation in the clinics of Upper Austria is still fairly stable compared to eastern Austria, increased security measures are also required in Upper Austria’s hospitals. That is why both the Upper Austria Health Holding and the religious hospitals in Upper Austria have decided to extend the commitment to testing to the outpatient area of ​​their clinics.

The lifetime of the negative antigen test should not be more than 48 hours

Inpatient visitors already had to show a negative Coronavirus test. Effective Monday April 12, 2021, this also applies to outpatients who have a fixed appointment. Similar to body-hugging services, for example, these patients must bring evidence of a negative antigen test, which should not be more than 48 hours old, or a negative PCR test, which is no more than 72 hours old.

This test obligation also applies to accompanying persons if the patient needs support. Patients and acute emergencies as well as children under 6 years of age are exempt from the obligation to take the test. In the inpatient case, the test is performed in a hospital.

“What is justified for the hairdresser, it should be more possible for the hospital sector”

“What can be justified for a hairdresser should be more feasible for the hospital sector. With this mandatory test for ambulance patients, we want to increase safety in our clinics and protect other patients and our staff from infection. We ask affected outpatients to understand them!”, Appeal to Chief Administrative Officer At Health Holding Company, Mag. Franz Harnoncourt and Peter Ausweger are Managing Directors of Ordensspitäler Kooperations GMBH in Upper Austria.

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