Big problems with development, a leak report –

Starfield Contains Big problems With Development: A leak believed by Timur, an expert in researching the curriculum and information, suggests the game has gone into a real “growth hell”.

That’s why Starfield was postponed: described a “deep throat” Really complicated situation It is mainly about the technical aspects of the experience, not parallel to the objectives of the project.

The aircraft did not work properly during the test Creating Machine 2 It’s nothing more than a marketing slogan: it’s a creation engine with some modified graphics modules and two new features, but not a redesign or a real engine modification, “said the leak.

“It’s clear when the game is available and the motors disassemble it. Todd Howard said locally, ‘We make games, not development tools,’ but the tools are out of date and the developers are full of boxes. Bad games. ”

“Since the beginning Fall 76, Bethesda Game Studios Austin does not work on any new games. Most of the teams had that title and updates. Prior to the acquisition of Microsoft, Bethesda aimed to release games on all major platforms, but pressed for Xbox exclusions.

“All the titles were aimed at both the Xbox and PlayStation, and cutting the latter saved a lot of headaches for the developers.”

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