Black Clover Mobile, the new animated game, will be available worldwide.

Before we enter 2022, manufacturers of Shounen Jump They declared that they have Black Clover Big Plans. After saying goodbye to the anime, at least temporarily, Asta and the company will return with a movie that will be released in 2023 and with… Black Clover Mobile, a video game for mobile phones..

So far we have had little information about this title, but that changed a few hours ago with the publication of the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. In the magazine it was announced (according to what I reported ANN) that Black Clover Mobile It will not only be released in Japan, but rather It will be available all over the world.

What do we know about Black Clover Mobile?

  • So far, we have confirmation of that The development was commissioned to Vic Game StudiosA South Korean company owned by Pearl Abyss (Black Desert Company) ✅
  • The developers define this functionality as follows RPG feeling anime
  • always No release date news yet
  • In recent days, some videos of the game have been shared, in which Asta appears.

As soon as I have more information about this video game, I will share it with you, but until then we will have to wait patiently. Which do you think will come out first, Mobile Black Clover or the great movie by Studio Pierrot? Personally, I think we will be able to download this game this year, while for the feature film we will have to wait until next year.

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