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Elton Ring Two weeks have passed, but the work of FramSoftware is boundless and full of mysteries that will be talked about for a long time to come. Here’s about the “mysteries”, apparently something that many players do not go down or something related. Effects Representation Status Icons Under Senselos’ HP and AP bar.

For those unfamiliar, the equipment, spells or consumables in the Elton Ring, as well as some attacks by the enemy can activate permanent or temporary positive or negative positions, which are represented in the game interface by various icons located under the bar level. Sensalosine. The bone of contention in this case is the game It does not explain the consequences in any way Attached to the aforementioned icons, not even explored in the game menus.

Take, for example, the Reddit text below: Can you pinpoint exactly which effects are associated with status symbols (without consulting explicit evidence)?

In the same discussion, many users have complained about this flaw in the software, which today chooses the minimalist gaming interface that is compatible with the rest of the open world, but in this case it may be too stingy. .

Only by consulting external sources such as this page FextralifeFor example, we learn that the red icon indicates an increase in life points and that a square in the background is a permanent puff and not a diamond (instead it refers to temporary boosts / diffs).

Of course, in some cases these effects are determined by the device, so read the description to get an idea of ​​what puffs / tiffs or modified levels are implemented, but this only partially solves the problem. Therefore, we need the inside page of the menus that explains what each icon represents (along with the others in the “Tutorial” section of many games).

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