Black Friday 2020 TV on sale: 65-inch Android TV for $ 250, 55-inch Vizio LED for $ 900, and 32-inch Fire TV for $ 100.

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Good Friday Agreements are now underway, and they will mix straight Cyber ​​Monday This weekend is the best time of the year to buy a TV (or almost anything else) for sale, but whatever your name may be. Buy the best, The goal And Amazon is already advancing with TV-Heavy Black Silver sales, with smaller models under $ 100 and 65 inches Less than $ 250. Next WalmartIt also unleashes more TV deals from November 25th. Discounted brands include Sony, Samsung, Vizio, LG, DCL and HighSense. And, of course, these are all smart TV systems, running multiple Android TVs, Roku or Amazon Fire TV operating systems.

Our favorite TV deals are compiled below and we are constantly updating the list. Keep in mind that these deals are constantly in circulation, and this article is constantly updated to calculate new, better deals and expired discounts.


This slightly larger logo recently sold for $ 150, but Best Pie was cut from another $ 10 price.

Buy the best

DCL is very popular for its Rogu TVs, and we prefer the Rogu Smart TV system over the Android TV version on this TV, but for this price you can buy one Roku Streaming Stick Plus, Link this to this TV and come further. Aside from its smarts, we expect this 4-Series TV to be “adequate” As the rogue equivalent.

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We have not reviewed this collection and we do not expect it to match the quality of the film in terms of its glass Top 75 inch models, But above all if you prefer a bigger picture, this is the 70 inch TV, the cheapest price we have seen for the period. Like the DCL below, it runs on Android TV.

Sarah Duo / CNET

We haven’t reviewed Vizio’s first OLED TV yet – the company’s late shipping models have arrived due to COVID-19 – but Vigio TVs have performed well in past reviews, and this price is very good to pass, compared to the LG CX below.

The 65-inch size is on sale for $ 1,500.

David Cutsmeyer / CNET

Compared to the door busters on this list, the best TV we reviewed is in the other league, which is the best price this year. We do not expect it to fall further this year, but even if it does, the price drop will not be huge.

Read our LG CX Series review.

The best black silver deals coming soon

The following deals are not yet available, but they are coming soon. Patience, Padavan copes.

Buy the best

This is the best deal we have seen for Black Friday 2020. Slightly smaller than the 70-inch model and Much Cheap, this TV will sell fast as soon as it appears. Capture? We do not know when this will happen, so if you’re interested, check out the Best Buy page often.

Sarah Duo / CNET

We watched 70-inch TVs Come for $ 400, But it’s still a good price on a gigantic TV. This model (V705x-H1) is very similar to the V705-H3 and currently sells for $ 660. The V-Series is Vigio’s cheapest TV of 2020, and although we haven’t reviewed it yet, we expect entry-level image quality: adequate for most people, but not as good as this M-Series.

This agreement is available online Nov. 25 Wednesday 4pm BT (7pm).


This is technically a post-black silver deal, but enough to add here anyway. It’s an amazing price on a 50 inch TV, so expect it to sell immediately.

Sold or Expired Black Friday Deals

The deals below are mostly gone, but we keep them here for now as they may come back at any time.

The goal

Target Best TV Deal Early black silver sale There is another 70 inch TV that we have not reviewed. LG’s LED set (see below) will provide the best picture, but if you can not buy a better TV, if the above hyssop does not impress you, it is still a good price.

This deal is not currently in stock online, but may be available at your local store.

Speaking of DCL, this is the best price we’ve seen on a 55-inch TV this year. It’s basically the same 55 S425 We loved it so much, for half the lowest price of all time on that model. Like the On TV above, we expect it to sell fast.


This TV is the first item listed on Walmart’s pre-November 11 Black Friday ad, so we expected it to sell fast. The retailer’s own house brand is not known for world-beating image quality, but we expect it to work with the DCL 4-Series (see below) as well, with the same big rogue operating system.

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