Bleach, here are five perfect tools for all fans

As of April 26 this year, Bleach has officially arrived in our country also in its animated version thanks to Dynit, who took care of dubbing, and Amazon Prime Video who introduced its streaming platform. One season a month, we were finally able to follow the adventures of Ichigo and the other manga heroes written by Tite Kubo in Italian. If we add to that that the manga has recently returned to the pages of Shonen Jump with a new special chapter to celebrate twenty years of the series (you can find all the info about it here) which seems to start a new narrative arc, it’s definitely a golden age of bleach.

If you are not a huge fan of Bleach yet and need a reason to get the anime back right away, here is our special article that we hope will be able to convince you.

For all those who are already passionate about opera, today we are going to recommend five instruments that cannot be missing in your nerd-themed kit. are you ready? let’s start!

keychain (hollow mask)

The very simple first gadget that you should always carry with you is this keychain inspired by the hollow mask of a Bleach character. However, to avoid making spoilers, we won’t tell exactly who it belongs to.

You can buy it at this link.



Everyone loves mugs, which is why we’ve already recommended several here at DrCcommore: Today we’re going to suggest one with a whitening theme, of course. The characters shown are numerous and you may be your favorite among them.

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You can buy it at this link.


If Ichigo is your favorite character, you can’t miss this awesome Zangetsu hero clone. Be warned: the sword is 104cm long, so check first if you have a place to put it in the set!

You can buy a katana from this link.

Bleach – Arc 1 (Box Episodi 1-20)

Are you passionate about the series thanks to the Italian dubbing available on Amazon Prime Video? Then you can’t really miss the first Blu-ray box of the series. The box will contain the first 20 episodes and will be available in our country starting November 3.

You can pre-order the first box a this link.

bleach 1

On the other hand, if watching Bleach on Amazon Prime Video season after season has made you want to relive the manga and keep reading the story of Ichigo and the other heroes until the end beyond volume 70, we recommend, well. …of course, the paperback edition of Bleach, which was published in Italy by Planet Manga and actually expired several years ago.

You can buy Volume 1 at this link.

And you, Commodores, do you own some of the tools with the character of bleaching, or would you like to buy some? Please let us know with a comment!

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