Gamescom 2021 – 10 new games for T1 released on

Xbox Game Boss One of the lessons of Microsoft’s Gamescom 2021. Subscription service Includes various new games from T1 And during the Redmond House event, 10 of them were released by Humble Games. Let’s see all the details.

I Games are coming soon In the Xbox Game Boss on T1 released by Gamescom 2021:

  • Chinatown Detective Agency: Retro Point and Click Adventure, Coming Fall 2021
  • Archwell: A dual stick shooter bullet hell RPG, coming in 2021
  • Midnight Fight Express: A Top-Down Fighter, Coming in 2021
  • Next Space Rebels: We need to build a rocket from our garage into space, coming in 2021
  • Unlock: A Zen puzzle game that asks you to tidy up a room coming in 2021
  • Bushidon: Side-scrolling action game, coming in 2021
  • Dodgeball Academy: A Poison Ball-themed game, now available
  • Signalis: An ancient 2D survival horror, date not yet announced
  • Blindfolded: A retro-inspired Metrorail operation in RPG, coming in 2021
  • Son of Frin Crimson: An action platform is coming on September 15, 2021

All of the games listed will be available on the Xbox Game Pass until D1 PC, console and cloud. Below is a trailer dedicated to news for Microsoft service.

Tell us what you think about the newsXbox Game Boss? Interested in new games? Finally, we remind you of the free games of the second half of August 2021.

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