Bless Mobile – Bless Mobile prepares for international launch and pre-release registrations

After launching in Asia last April, Bless Mobile is now announced as a global release. Pre-registrations are open on the official website.

We know the license Bless He appeared in several titles – with varying success. The original version of Bless Online has been closed, however Unleash bless It’s clear that it has found its audience on consoles and is now also testing it on PC (beta 2 is rolling out this weekend).
Meanwhile, the license is also available on the mobile platforms with Bliss Mobile. The mobile MMORPG was launched in South Korea in April of last year and is now shaping up to be an international release.

The release date for Bless Mobile in the West has not been officially determined by the developer Joy City (Even if AppStore mentions a January 26 launch), however, the game has already started its pre-registration campaign at Its official website – which should therefore be given bonuses to registrants.

From here until launch, we note that Bless Mobile promises four races of playable characters and five classes each with different gameplay, combat skills, different social skills or even game mechanics designed to strengthen guilds. More will be discovered soon in the coming weeks, in a free game.

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