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New Super Mario Bros. 3 Per Nintendo Switch It may have been so Come, Based on what was reported by some sources who found the title to exist Nintendo official site, Frankly.

There is no official information about this, but it seems that the new Super Mario Bros. 3 title has been released on the company’s website, especially for the Nintendo Switch operating system, so this one New chapter Of the series.

This is not the first time rumors have surfaced in this regard and may be part of such headline celebrations 35th Anniversary of Super Mario It happens again and again in these months, so the existence of such a game is not really out of this world, even though it seems even more strange to appear this way.

Anyway, that seems to be one of the tweets Screen shot Created on the page of the Nintendo site, which features the song of the new Super Mario Bros. 3 for the Nintendo Switch, which appears as an as yet unannounced title. This may obviously be a photo editing process, but it is not excluded that this may have been a real mistake in anticipating the product by the official website.

If this is really the way it should be, there should be a new chapter in the series Operating system in 2D Dedicated to Mario by Nintendo is a new game created specifically for the Nintendo Switch just like previous games, which restores the classic layout of the series, but with the new “2.5D” graphics. On the other hand, with all the rumors surrounding the potential new Nintendo Direct, such an announcement could be made in celebration of Super Mario’s 35th anniversary, including the release of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Anger.

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